Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lucy Has An Appointment At Freightliner

Lucy was due for her annual oil change/generator service so we contacted Freightliner in Corpus Christi to see about having the work done there prior to leaving this area. They told us to bring her in Tuesday morning and they would work her in sometime during the day. They don't make specific appointments for this type of work. This is the minor stuff that gets worked in.

Tuesday morning dawned in heavy fog. Yuck. We took off for Corpus about 8:45 AM hoping the fog would be gone by then, but no. The closer we got to the Freighliner facility, though, the clearer it got so by the time we arrived at 9:30, it was clear and sunny with a light breeze. Perfect if we were to hang out in the parking lot waiting to be worked in :) We knew we'd be fine, especially with Lucy's new batteries, but it was supposed to hit 80 and new batteries or not, we would not be able to run the air conditioners.

Once checked in, we were told they thought they could get to us before lunch, lunch being noon to 1:00 PM. That sounded great so I entered a couple addresses into the GPS and took off in the Jeep to do a little shopping. Checking in a couple hours later, I found out that we now were slated for after lunch. Rick was sitting there patiently waiting and reading his Kindle, but he was getting a little hungry.

I headed back and while Rick unloaded the supplies I had purchased, I made us each a turkey wrap for lunch. That hit the spot :) We were expecting to be called in shortly after lunch but that didn't happen :) We had allowed the whole day to take care of this and it took the whole day. Good thing we're retired and don't have anything else to do :) In fairness to them, this is one very busy place! From the looks of the parking lot alone, I would have thought we’d be waiting a week :) They finally called us in at 3:20 PM and the technician got started. He said he'd have us out of there in about an hour. Now, I KNEW that wasn't going to happen :) No matter, that would have put us right in the middle of rush hour and we try to avoid those types of things :) I was almost finished with my book (V is for Vengeance by Sue  Grafton) and was anxious to get back to it. Once I finished it, I could always play Words with Friends or start writing this blog. I had plenty of things to keep me occupied.


Rick engaged the technician in some chit chat. There was a Phaeton parked in the next bay to us but no one was working on it. The story was that they'd had it for a week. There was water in the oil. It was a mystery as to how that water got there. There was no evidence of a bad head gasket or cracked head. Apparently all the likely culprits had been taken off and sent to Cummins for examination. So far, Cummins hadn't found anything and wasn't accepting responsibility. The other possibility is operator error. It's possible the owner added fluid in the wrong hole! Apparently no one is talking and, giving the tech credit, he was not drawing any conclusions of his own. At least he wasn't sharing them with us :) In the meantime, these people are fulltimers and have been sitting in a hotel for a week. It sounded like they'd be there a while longer. That's a nightmare I would not like to experience.

By the time our service was completed and the bill paid it was 6:00 PM :) Lucy passed all her inspections with flying colors. Her fluids had been changed, her generator serviced and, with any luck, we were good for another year :) The worst of the rush hour was over and it was time to go home. Once backed into her space at Estes RV Resort, we enjoyed a Domino's Pizza and a couple beers and settled in for a relaxing evening of reruns on TV :)

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  1. Good to get the annual check-up done. Our Phaeton is at Johnson Truck Center for its annual physical ... and a few other things Mui will I'm sure surprise me with :-)))

  2. It's interesting that lots of people don't mind taking their pet or RV in for a yearly checkup but hesitate to go to the doctor themselves. I know I'm guilty of it.

  3. Glad to hear Lucy is all checked out and ready to roll;o))

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails...

  4. Glad Lucy passed her physical and you were able to avoid rush hour getting back.

  5. I swear my Journey runs better after it gets serviced. Did you notice if Lucy was smiling when you drove down the highway?

  6. Thought this might turn into another Paul & Marti story. Glad it didn't and everything turned out fine! I second Syl's advice that we too need our physicals. That's what alerted us to David's Myeloma early enough that he had no symptoms yet. Do it!!

  7. glad to hear lucy passed her yearly physical..I feel bad for those other folks sitting in a hotel :(.....

  8. glad to hear lucy passed her yearly physical..I feel bad for those other folks sitting in a hotel :(.....

  9. Glad you got that all taken care of-Lucy is ready to roll.

  10. Glad all is well! Isn't it great when you can be so flexible with your time?


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