Friday, February 17, 2012

A Fun Afternoon with Friends in Port A

The weather here has been rather dreary lately. We’ve had more clouds than sun and scattered rain.  Considering the drought that Texas has suffered this past year, we certainly can’t complain about the rain. However, it does rather hamper any outdoor type activities. We had been hoping for a nice warm, sunny, non-windy day to meet up with friends Jo Beth and Catherine of RV Crazy Travel Journal so we could do a little kayaking. The weather just has not been cooperating so we decided to meet for lunch and a couple of drinks at the Port Aransas Brewing Company today.

We arrived at exactly the same time and after hugs all around, we were seated at our table. We ordered a round of drinks and perused the menu but conversation took priority. It was so good to see them and before long we were semi-caught up with each others lives.


We finally decided on lunch and placed our order. The food was very good! Catherine ordered the Calzone and we were all surprised when it arrived :) Doesn’t it look good? It was HUGE! :) (She took half of it home)


The rest of us all ordered burgers of various flavors and they, too, were very good.


We talked and ate and laughed and then, Jo Beth and Catherine took us to Coffee Waves  for dessert. Oh my. They had excellent gelato and we all enjoyed a scoop. Catherine and I had the Grasshopper, Rick the Nutella and Jo Beth had Pistachio. It was so good, I can hardly wait to go back again :) We scored some very comfy stuffed chairs and spent the rest of the afternoon sitting around visiting and catching up. It was a great afternoon and we hope to get together again soon.


Thanks to you both for the gelato and the great company! We sure had a nice time :)

Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. Who cares what the weather is like when you share the day with good friends and good food!

  2. WOW what fun! 4 people I'd love to chat with all in one place and gelato too. My kind of day.

  3. Holy cow! I can't get over the size of that calzone!

    Time spent with friends is a sure fire way to cheer up a dreary day.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day!! I guess it is the 'TEXAS' thing...everything is bigger...calzones, red chairs and FUN;o)))

  5. Good friends, good times and good food. Doesn't get much better than that!

  6. The calzone and the sandwich looked awesome!

  7. Looks like both are places we would enjoy and its always better with friends. :)

  8. Good conversation and gelato to boot ... what more could you ask for on a rainy day?


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