Friday, February 24, 2012

Arts and Crafts for Crazy Old People!

When things get boring around here, it only takes a couple people to dream up something.

Such was the case earlier this week. Lee and Karen had gone to the store and purchased craft supplies with a specific project in mind. Once home, they laid it all out on Lee’s picnic table and talked some of us into participating.

2012-02-20 15.38.18

As I’ve told you before, it doesn’t take much to entertain us :)

2012-02-20 15.38.32

Karen, Lee and Jolene all hard at work.

2012-02-20 16.22.21

Jolene, Karen, Lee and Karen Q hard at work. A ribbon here, a jewel there…

We had several visitors stop by to see what we were up to. One of them said, “What is this? Arts and crafts for crazy old people?” She was right on the money :)

You’ve all heard of the redneck wine glasses that have become so popular recently. Well, we took it a step further. We created Red Solo Cup Redneck Wine Glasses!

No, we weren’t drinking! But we sure were laughing!

Behold, our wonderful works of art :)

2012-02-20 17.52.17 

Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. What a cool idea!! I'll have to show that to the arts person in the park. Thanks!!!

  2. LOVE the Redneck Red Solo Cup wineglasses!

  3. I can't stop laughing! We always start singing "Red Solo Cup" when we pull them out of the cabinet. Dick and I have to make a set of these. Thank you for sharing!!

  4. Well hello - now we have a craft project for the 2nd annual Carolina Clan meeting. :-)

  5. That is SO funny. I can almost here the laughter and giggling that went on with these beautiful creations! Well, I could almost here yours, but I did hear mine while I was reading your post! Thanks for cheering my day.

  6. That's too funny! Why can't I ever think up something like that??

  7. Looks like Dan and Tricia have the hiccups now! :-)

    I need a close up view of those glasses so I can see all the details. When do they get christened???

  8. I took care of the hiccups. Thanks for telling me Sherry :)

  9. cute as a button....can you put up a larger pic for us all? These crazy ole eyes are what they used to be ;)

  10. Sherry and Elaine, I'll try to get a close-up picture for you within the next couple days :)

  11. OK Gail, I nominate you for Craft Director of the Second Annual Carolina Clan Reunion!! Might know you would find a craft that involves WINE!!!

    However, I need a petite version... You know what happens when I have more than one glass of wine;o))

    Keep having fun!!!

  12. Before you know it, the orders will start pouring and you'll have to start a production line to meet the demand :-)))

  13. Love the glasses!! Must have been fun putting them together!


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