Thursday, February 23, 2012

Airing Our Clean Laundry


Bet you thought I was going to say dirty laundry, didn’t you? :)

A few months back,  we were at Cheraw State Park in SC for the first annual outing of the Carolina Clan. Our friends Paul and Jill had a clothes line/dryer attached to their ladder that I fell in love with! It became Rick’s job to recreate it for Lucy :) He did just that a few weeks later.


Fast forward to now in Rockport, Texas. My clothes dryer became the talk of the park after we arrived and they started sprouting up all around us :)

Here’s Dallas and Barb’s

2012-01-20 13.52.35

Bill and Debbie’s

2012-01-20 13.53.19

Connie and Jerry’s

2012-01-20 13.55.24

I don’t even know who this one belongs to…

2012-02-23 11.35.59

Nor this one

2012-02-23 11.35.54

I hear there’s plans for more. One of our neighbors is even thinking of making a bunch and selling them as they travel :) 

Thanks Paul and Jill! You get all the credit.

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  1. very creative ... we just might steal the idea :-)

  2. i just bungee cord the extendable washing brush in the same way and use it to hang clothes...

  3. Are you willing to give instructions for building one. Love it!

  4. And they thought all that we did at the Carolina Clan Rally was drink and laugh... It was quite educational as well;o)))

  5. We almost did one for Tawanda but have decided to try a simple dowel rod stuck in the slide out. We're lazy or just taking it easy. :-)

  6. Well there you are paying it forward and starting a fad.

    You trend setters you!

  7. humm very interesting...I've seen the ones made out of the pvc pipes that hang on the ladders but never saw one like this...novel idea ;)

  8. I always told my students when they complained to me someone copied their idea: "Imitation is the highest form of flattery".

  9. Leno, if you give me a contact email address, we'll send on directions :)

  10. I hope you don't mind...I posted your clothes line/dryer on my board on Pinterest. I hope to have one of my own, soon! Love it!

  11. Thanks for the credit - glad everyone is enjoying it!!! Looking forward to seeing you in November!!!

  12. Thanks for the credit - glad to hear that so many people are enjoying it. Can't wait to see everyone again in November!!! Love that "Carolina Clan!!!!"


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