Friday, February 24, 2012

Arts and Crafts for Crazy Old People!

When things get boring around here, it only takes a couple people to dream up something.

Such was the case earlier this week. Lee and Karen had gone to the store and purchased craft supplies with a specific project in mind. Once home, they laid it all out on Lee’s picnic table and talked some of us into participating.

2012-02-20 15.38.18

As I’ve told you before, it doesn’t take much to entertain us :)

2012-02-20 15.38.32

Karen, Lee and Jolene all hard at work.

2012-02-20 16.22.21

Jolene, Karen, Lee and Karen Q hard at work. A ribbon here, a jewel there…

We had several visitors stop by to see what we were up to. One of them said, “What is this? Arts and crafts for crazy old people?” She was right on the money :)

You’ve all heard of the redneck wine glasses that have become so popular recently. Well, we took it a step further. We created Red Solo Cup Redneck Wine Glasses!

No, we weren’t drinking! But we sure were laughing!

Behold, our wonderful works of art :)

2012-02-20 17.52.17 

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Airing Our Clean Laundry


Bet you thought I was going to say dirty laundry, didn’t you? :)

A few months back,  we were at Cheraw State Park in SC for the first annual outing of the Carolina Clan. Our friends Paul and Jill had a clothes line/dryer attached to their ladder that I fell in love with! It became Rick’s job to recreate it for Lucy :) He did just that a few weeks later.


Fast forward to now in Rockport, Texas. My clothes dryer became the talk of the park after we arrived and they started sprouting up all around us :)

Here’s Dallas and Barb’s

2012-01-20 13.52.35

Bill and Debbie’s

2012-01-20 13.53.19

Connie and Jerry’s

2012-01-20 13.55.24

I don’t even know who this one belongs to…

2012-02-23 11.35.59

Nor this one

2012-02-23 11.35.54

I hear there’s plans for more. One of our neighbors is even thinking of making a bunch and selling them as they travel :) 

Thanks Paul and Jill! You get all the credit.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

It’s Official. I Now Qualify for the America the Beautiful Senior Pass :)

Of all the campgrounds we have stayed in, our very favorite remains the Corps of Engineer Parks found throughout the country. They are always on the water and there’s always nice trees buffering you from your neighbor. They are clean, well cared for and the cost is very reasonable. Each time we stay, we’re always asked if we have a senior pass. This gives you a 50% discount to make their reasonable fee down-right cheap! :) Well, neither of us had reached that magic age yet and seeing as how Rick is the younger of us 2, it looked like it was going to be up to me to get there first :)

Well, today was the day. I woke up a year older, although it only felt like mere hours! After our normal morning routine of coffee, blog reading, showers etc., we were finally on our way…at noon. No one will ever accuse us of being quick to go in the morning. Now, if we HAD to, we probably could. But if we don’t HAVE to, what’s the point? :)

We headed to Padre Island National Seashore, the closest National Park facility that issued the Senior Pass. It was a beautiful day for a drive.


Once we arrived at the park entrance and stated our business, I handed over my drivers license to prove I really was “that” old and $10 and I got my new shiny card. As a friend once told me, “It doesn’t expire until you do!” Such a deal.


Not only is it good for RV sites, it’s also good for free admission into all the National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands. It truly is an incredible deal and, I believe, the first time in my adult life that I was looking forward to turning a year older :)

Once we were there, we decided we may as well check out the facilities. They were now free admission for us. We drove into the park and checked out Malaquite Campground which is right on the Gulf of Mexico. They have 50 sites, 43 of which are RV sites and 7 for compact vehicles.




The sites were nice enough, although, some would be too short for our 40’ Lucy.  No reservations are accepted. It is strictly first come, first served. Their literature states that most of the year plenty of space is available. That may be because there is no hookups. These are boon-docking sites only. There is a water station where you can fill your tank and there is a dump station. Power is on your own. We saw several generators and a few solar panels. If you’re into boon-docking, this would not be a bad place to come. It is way out in the middle of nowhere, just quiet and water.

When we left there we started driving down South Beach.



This is a 60 miles stretch of primitive, unspoiled beach. It is beautiful. The literature states that the first 5 miles are suitable for 2-wheel drive vehicles but that after Mile Marker 5, 4-wheel drive is required. We headed out for a short drive just to get a taste. When we came upon the 5 Mile Marker, here was the warning sign about 4-wheel drive vehicles.


We continued on for a bit (we have 4-wheel drive) until we came across these fellows. Clearly, they didn’t pay attention to the sign.



To top it off, the tide was coming in. We don’t have the correct tires, a winch or even a rope to render aid so we were glad to see another Jeep approaching with all of the above. Hopefully they got him out of there sooner, rather than later. Bet he doesn’t do that again :)

That was the point at which we turned around and headed back. Once back on the main road, we saw the turn to North Beach. Might as well check that out too! It was a nice stretch of beach that led to Padre Balli County Park. We drove that entire span before turning onto a “real” road in Corpus Christi.

After a Linner stop in Port Aransas we arrived home just in time for Rick to start a fire for the park Weiner Roast this evening. Somehow, he ended up resident fire tender here :) We call him our little fire bug :) I was too full to participate but I did hear through the grapevine that the fire was great! :)

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Friday, February 17, 2012

A Fun Afternoon with Friends in Port A

The weather here has been rather dreary lately. We’ve had more clouds than sun and scattered rain.  Considering the drought that Texas has suffered this past year, we certainly can’t complain about the rain. However, it does rather hamper any outdoor type activities. We had been hoping for a nice warm, sunny, non-windy day to meet up with friends Jo Beth and Catherine of RV Crazy Travel Journal so we could do a little kayaking. The weather just has not been cooperating so we decided to meet for lunch and a couple of drinks at the Port Aransas Brewing Company today.

We arrived at exactly the same time and after hugs all around, we were seated at our table. We ordered a round of drinks and perused the menu but conversation took priority. It was so good to see them and before long we were semi-caught up with each others lives.


We finally decided on lunch and placed our order. The food was very good! Catherine ordered the Calzone and we were all surprised when it arrived :) Doesn’t it look good? It was HUGE! :) (She took half of it home)


The rest of us all ordered burgers of various flavors and they, too, were very good.


We talked and ate and laughed and then, Jo Beth and Catherine took us to Coffee Waves  for dessert. Oh my. They had excellent gelato and we all enjoyed a scoop. Catherine and I had the Grasshopper, Rick the Nutella and Jo Beth had Pistachio. It was so good, I can hardly wait to go back again :) We scored some very comfy stuffed chairs and spent the rest of the afternoon sitting around visiting and catching up. It was a great afternoon and we hope to get together again soon.


Thanks to you both for the gelato and the great company! We sure had a nice time :)

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine’s Day 2012

Valentine’s Day seems to be a big deal here at Estes RV Resort :)  Last evening we caravanned to Virginia’s in Port Aransas with 28 of our friends and neighbors for dinner. The park celebrates everyone’s anniversary on February 14th. We started with cocktails, then hors d'oeuvres. Oysters on the half shell seemed to be popular :)

While everyone was waiting on their food, I went around and took couples pictures. We even had 2 couples celebrating their anniversary on Valentine’s Day!

Wanda and Darrell celebrated their 58th!

Darrell and Wanda (2) (2-14-54)

Jim and Marilyn celebrated their 47th!

Jim and Marilyn (2-14-65)

Rounding out our entourage was Bob and Lee

Bob and Lee (12-19-71)

Richard and Karen

Richard and Karen (9-29-75)

Bill and Lynn

Bill and Lynn (8-19-61)

Greg and Maxine

Greg and Maxine (6-30-67)

Jon and Jolene

Jolene and Jon (11-7-03)

Launi and Jim

Launi and Jim (6-9-90)

Patty and Dave

Patty and Dave (8-12-66)

Paul and Mary Jane

Paul and Mary Jane (11-27-65)

Ronny and Beverly

Ronnie and Beverly (10-11-68)

Susie and David

Susie and David (3-24-77)

Terrye and Larry

Terrye and Larry (5-15-71)

Unfortunately, I was so busy photographing everyone else, I forgot to have someone get our picture! So here is one from the day we got married.


Man, we were young! And thin! :)

We came back to the park for dessert and coffee. A good time was had by all :) We hope that you, too, had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.


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Friday, February 3, 2012

The End of a Fun Week, USS Lexington, Wine Tastings

This morning, Sheila and Vern left Rockport and headed back to San Antonio where they will fly home at 6 AM tomorrow morning. They left early enough to give them time to tour the Alamo and experience the Riverwalk while they are there.

We had such a good time! We shared many laughs and experienced this area of Texas together. One of our excursions was visiting the USS Lexington.

The USS Lexington is docked and memorialized in Corpus Christi Bay. Commissioned in 1943, The USS Lexington served longer and set more records than any carrier in U.S. Naval history. She was decommissioned in 1991 and now serves as a museum as a tribute to the men and women who served in the armed forces and those that gave their lives for our freedom. She is 910 feet long, has 16 decks and weighs 33,000 tons.



We spent over 4 hours on this ship and could have spent more. There is so much to see!

The Flight Deck


The Bridge


The Bridge is the primary control room for the ship.


The Chart house


Map of Corpus Christi Harbor.


Ship layout


The USS Lexington

  • Has more sleeping space than Caesars Palace, the Mirage and Treasure Island (3,500 beds)
  • Carries enough fuel to sail 30,000 miles!
  • Has sailed a total of 209,000 miles-about 8 times around the world
  • You could play 3 football games or 14 basketball games, at the same time, on the flight deck
  • Carries enough gasoline to drive your car around the world 132 times!
  • Was the first ship to have women stationed aboard (August 18, 1980)
  • Is as tall as a 19 story building and as long as 3 New York City blocks
  • Served longer than any other carrier in the world (40 years) 1943-1947, 1955-1991

She was a city unto herself. Before leaving for the day, we took in an IMAX movie titled: Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag. Red Flag is the final training for pilots and their aircrews before being sent into actual combat. It was excellent and a very up close and personal experience.

Rick and Vern posing for a photo op :)


We ended this fun day with dinner at a local restaurant, Charlotte Plummers, in Rockport. The food was so good we ate it all! Sorry, no food photo, we were too busy eating :)

Another day, we drove to nearby Refugio (pronounced Rufeerio) to check out the 2 wineries in the area. First on our list was Texas South Wind Vineyard and Winery. This winery is located out in the middle of nowhere :) In fact, as we pulled up, we weren’t sure about this. The production area/tasting room was this building!


But we were here and had driven to the middle of nowhere to get here, so thought we should give it a chance. As we approached the door, we saw this.


And, inside, this.



The imagination it took to transform this building was incredible and with the exception of the insulation of the walls, the entire tasting room was built by the owners, our hosts.


They grow some of their own grapes and purchase many others but the wine is all produced in this same building. After our tasting we all enjoyed a glass of wine while continuing to visit with our hosts. We totally enjoyed our time with them and were very happy we stayed.


After leaving, we returned to town to stop at the tasting room of Braman Winery. This winery was a stark contrast to the first. This is a much larger operation with the wines being produced and bottled in California and New Mexico, then shipped here. The tasting room was very much a store, with all types of wine “stuff” for sale. In fact, Sheila and I both bought t-shirts. It was just one of those things we couldn’t resist :)



Here, again, we enjoyed a glass of wine before leaving for the local Mexican restaurant for a bite to eat. Another successful, fun day :)


I think we’ve successfully convinced them to come back again next year, if we return to this area. As a gentleman from Iowa told them the other day, out on the pier, “You can’t just come here for a week”!!!

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