Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Trip to the Aquarium and Bill Mills for Sheriff???


The other day, we stopped by the Rockport Aquarium. This a small town aquarium with limited exhibits. Because it was a small town aquarium with limited exhibits, it was also free :) The building sits right on the harbor.


A Moray Eel


A representation of sea life in the Gulf


And in Aransas Bay


Although small, it was mainly set up as a resource for children. There was several “hands on” activity tables and a staff to help and instruct.

It was a short excursion :)

After a quick stop at the store, we headed home. On our way, we saw a couple new signs…Bill Mills for Sheriff!


Our good friends, Bill and Nancy Mills, are joining the ranks of full time RVers. They left their home in SC a couple weeks ago for a Florida vacation. Since they’ve been gone, their house sold, their sale closed and they ordered their new motorhome! And, they’re still on vacation! Their house was on the market for 19 months. I’ll bet if they had known all it took was a trip to Florida, they would have done it sooner :)

So, Bill, if you’re going to win this election, you better high-tail it from Florida to Texas NOW!

Well, guess that’s it for today. Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. I LOVE it "Bill Mills for Sheriff"! He's got my vote!! Although with all the traveling he'll be doing, I hope there isn't too much crime there in Aransas County.

  2. I'd vote for Bill too! LOL!! That is too cool!

    Bruce and Laura

  3. Bill is a busy man! With everything else he has going on, how in the world does he have time to run for sheriff??? ;-)

  4. Maybe he could handle the job via the internet from wherever they are camped:)

  5. Hey, he sold the house long distance... no doubt he could be a long distance sheriff!! However, I refuse to be his deputy;o))


  6. Love it! We just got here , I will watch for those signs.


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