Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our Time As Winter Texans...So Far

Today marks one month we have been at Estes RV Resort in Rockport, Texas. We have adjusted to life as Winter Texans quite well :) Most notably, my lack of blogging :) We are just laid-back retirees here. Our days are spent just doing everyday things.

Like walking on the beach.


And sitting on the beach.


Even walking off the beach. This is across the road from us. It’s on the water but is not a beach. Not too shabby though, huh?

2011-12-29 11.57.43

2011-12-29 12.02.42

For a small park, there is something going on frequently. We have potlucks often. There's another one tonight and then a movie following it.

2011-12-31 20.08.37

Saturday morning is a pancake and sausage breakfast. It’s at 8:00. I signed Rick up to go. That’s way too early for me :) I told them if they wanted to do brunch…around 11ish, I’d come :)

2011-12-31 20.08.47

At least one day a week is game day where we play things like Hand and Foot, Farkle or Mexican Train. So far we've learned Farkle, a fast paced dice game. Hand and Foot instructions are coming tomorrow. Mexican Train is a dominoes game and the only dominoes either of us have ever played was standing them all up to see them all fall down :) Guess we'll need instructions on Mexican Train also :)

We now know almost everyone in the park by name. It's a big family and as big families go, some of us get together and go out to eat also. As Rick says, "It sure gets noisy when all the old people show up!"

Here is Tilly, our park mascot. She showed up one day last year and stayed. They had animal control relocate her, but she found her way back this year :) Last week, they again relocated her. It seems empty without her here. She let us pet her and she’d follow us around like a puppy. We all wonder if she’ll find her way home again :)

2011-12-26 17.03.00

We thought Tilly was a goat, but apparently she is some sort of sheep. If you look at her from the rear, she looks like a deer.

Well, it’s time for me to get my food together for tonight's potluck.

Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. Sounds like you've found your place. If I were there I think I'd do little else but enjoy that beach. Looks GREAT! So does Tilly! Where in the world could she have come from??

  2. Looks like such fun Mom! Glad you are having a nice time!!

  3. Socializing, food, and kinda place. Enjoy!

  4. Glad you are enjoying your winter in Texas. Tilly looks very cute. Miss you guys!

  5. Wondering what you were doing...donchaknow;o))

    Glad you are having a great time and enjoying the beach and the people. Nice way to spend the winter!!

  6. sounds like your having a great time there!!! 8am is a little early for this retiree also..I love Tilly :)

  7. Sounds like you're right at home there :-)

  8. Sounds like you've found a great place for the winter.

  9. Glad you're enjoying your time there. Having the beach close by is a definite plus!

  10. We are doing pretty much the same thing - just a little further east. It doesn't get much better than food, friends and the beach. Enjoy!!!!! Jill and Paul


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