Saturday, December 10, 2011

Road Trip to Houston and Lunch With Old Friends

Today, Saturday, we took a drive into Houston.  We wanted to see our old neighborhood. We had been told that it would be nothing like we remembered and that was certainly the case! We basically recognized nothing. We drove past our old house. It looked rather “tired”, to be kind. The area surrounding our old subdivision has been totally taken over by businesses up and down the street. Where we used to have trees, there are now stores and asphalt. Our old house was quite close to Bush Intercontinental Airport but the area between them and us was buffered by acres of trees. Today, those trees are gone and you can actually see the airport from the entrance to our old subdivision. 20 years brings much change, not all of it good. On the other hand, if you like to shop, you’d be in heaven :)

The other reason for our trip was to meet some dear, old friends for lunch.  When I mentioned that I was really looking forward to some good Tex-Mex food, they decided we should meet at Pappasito’s by Deerbrook Mall in Humble. There is no other place to get good Tex-Mex than in Texas!

We had a great lunch and spent a couple of hours catching up.

Here is L-R: Rick, Sandy, Matthew, Brenda, Albert and Stewart.


Another shot of Brenda and Albert


And one more group photo before we all left.


Before leaving, Albert gave us a tour of his office. Albert is a dentist and many years ago, when he was first hired, I was his office manager. I eventually transferred to a larger office within the company, but we remained friends. Now, years later, his office is the largest and they are doing great.

Yes, the area sure has changed, but good friends remain the same. We’re all older and grayer but it took all of 5 minutes to erase 20 years. 

Tomorrow, we continue on our trek. We want to leave Livingston early so we can cross Houston before traffic gets too bad. We weren’t supposed to arrive in Rockport until the 15th, but I called them this week and found out our site was available now so we plan to arrive tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. Nice with visit with your friends!!

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails....

  2. Yep. 20 years is a long time. I'm sure there were a lot of changes.

  3. I went back once to my childhood home in Ohio about 20 years after I'd left and found it very sad. Things really hadn't improved in my opinion for the same reasons you saw. The house wasn't tired but it was now not on a dead end street but on a boulevard.

    Safe travels tomorrow. And wishes for warm weather all winter long.

  4. Since your heading to Rockport you can lookup Barney the Old Fat Man. Have fun.

    It's about time.

  5. It is always sad for me to see some of the changes that are thought to be improvements but are not really. But they call it progress so.... Enjoy the rest of your journey!!

  6. It is strange to see changes made (or not made, depending on the case) after 20 years.

    Safe travels as you head further south.

  7. Can't beat Tex-Mex food! Several of my 'retired' siblings and cousins winter in Rockport every year. They love it. Safe travels!

  8. nice visit with your friends...have a super week


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