Friday, December 9, 2011

Livingston, TX

On Tuesday afternoon, we crossed the state line from Louisiana into Texas. In a way, it felt like we had come home. We lived in the Houston area for 10 years back in the 80's. We left in 1992 and this was our first time back since then!

We  stopped for the night in Nacodoches and, although it seemed really cold, we settled in for the night with no problems. The temp was around 40 when we arrived but the forecast was for 27 during the night, so we took on some extra water, then put the hose away for the night. No sense asking for trouble :)

Wednesday morning dawned cold but sunny! That made all the difference in the world to me as far as comfort level. We drove as far as Livingston, only a little over an hour drive, and checked into our first Escapees park. This was an interesting experience, I thought.

We arrived while the office staff was at lunch, so we followed the directions on the door, took a registration form, chose a site and got settled in. Once lunch was over, I walked back over to the office and turned in my form, preparing to pay. That's when I found out that I had taken the wrong form. Because we were Escapees members we should have taken the member form, not the non-member form. Well, I took the form that was in the member slot but I apologized for having the wrong one explaining that it was our first time and we didn't know what to expect or what color the forms should have been :)  No problem. As long as we were happy with our site, all I had to do was fill out the same paperwork in a different color :) Done! That's when things really got strange. I handed her my credit card to pay for the site and I was told that because I was a member, I didn't have to pay in advance. We should just enjoy ourselves and pay when we checked out. Huh??? That was a new one on me! Imagine, enjoy your service first, pay later. What a novel idea! :) Before I left, I got my "Escapee hug". I had read about this hug and didn't know how I'd feel hugging a total stranger, was ok.

A couple observations:

It appears that the speed limit in TX is 70. It doesn't seem to matter what road you're on, it's 70... 6 lane, 4 lane, 2 lane... 70mph. We are parked backed up to a 70 mph road. Our nightly sound is...interesting and noisy:) I don't remember if everything was 70 when we lived here, but I do remember that Highway 59 was not! Especially around Patton Village where their entire annual income revolved around how many speeders were picked up going through the village on Hwy 59 in excess of 55 mph! :)

The second thing I noticed is that groceries here are much cheaper than in other parts of the country. In defense, I've only been in one grocery store so far, but the prices I found were considerably less than other places I've been.

We are excited to see our old friends here in this area and are looking forward to it!

More later...Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. So nice to return "home" after a long time away. It's a nice cozy feeling.... enjoy.

  2. Perhaps you were at an HEB? That's my favorite grocery store in Texas. Welcome, fellow SKP!

  3. We're glad your trip was safe. It's gotten colder here in NC too. We've not joined SKP yet, waiting to get a little bit closer to full-timing. Keep the blog posts coming, I enjoy learning all I can about this lifestyle. You are a great teacher.

  4. Haven't joined SKP yet either and have been on the road a year. I'll be interested in your experience. Are you going to become "residents" of Livingston??


  5. Hope the temperatures warm up for you. Enjoy the time catching up with your friends!

  6. I was at that SKP park for 2 weeks in November and enjoyed Thanksgiving Dinner with everyone. I choose a site on the other side of the park in the wooded area near the Activity Center and it was very quiet.

  7. We're SKP's too but haven't been to any of their parks or any park that gives an SKP discount. Was it easy to park that big MH? I think one of their parks might be a good place to settle down when the time comes in 15-20 years. Enjoy your travels.

  8. Glad to see you have arrived in Texas!! We just joined Escapees. We will probably change to Texas residency once we sell the house.

    Have fun seeing your friends. Always fun to return to former stomping grounds!!

  9. HEB has great prices they are as cheap as Wal-Mart on most everything. We love it. Also, out here in wild west Texas the speed limit is 80 in some places.

  10. We really have liked the SKP parks. Don't worry about the hugs, that's just normal for SKP's. It seems to help a lot when you're in strange areas and you find someone in SKP, it's like home coming.

    We can't wait to see the SKP in Livingston, we may be having our last days around that area. Have fun!!

    (We're still warm, balmy 77 here in Fla).


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