Monday, December 12, 2011

Estes RV Resort, Rockport TX

Our plan to leave Livingston early on Sunday morning and drive straight down Hwy 59 and through the center of Houston turned out to be perfect. Although we pulled out a little later than we had planned, we were on the road at 8:35 AM. It takes an hour to reach the north fringes of the city. Traffic was very light for a city of 2 million people and that's just the city itself. The entire metro area now encompasses 10 counties and totals +/- 6 million people. So, you can see why we were a little intimidated to drive Lucy through there. The Sunday morning plan was perfect and the trip went off without a hitch or a hiccup. Once we got on the southern fringes out by Rosenburg, we stopped for fuel and a breakfast sandwich.  We had completed 112 miles. Only 152 to go :) We normally like to keep our travels around the 200 mile mark but today, we were stretching that a bit.

Heading straight into downtown on Hwy 59




Look at all those lanes! Look at all those empty lanes!


We arrived at Estes RV Resort at 1:30 PM and were greeted by the host as we drove in. He saw us coming so walked out to meet us :) That seemed to set the tone for the entire park. He helped us park in our spot, #13, and then gave us our paperwork, told us to get all settled in and then come see them anytime later to pay.

That is exactly what we did. We got cozily nestled between the trees and got all set up. It was drizzling a bit so we didn't spend much time setting up the patio, but we leveled, put out the slides and set up inside. I switched our controller over to Cable from Antenna and scanned for TV channels. Big disappointment. Only 12 channels, all analog and of those 12, half were unwatchable. Oh well, a quick check found that we had ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX, so we were good :)

We walked down to the host site with checkbook in hand and paid for the month. They told us that a few of them were getting together at 5:00 to go to the local Chinese buffet and invited us to join them. We would have loved to, but we had a Green Bay Packer game to watch! :)  No problem. There was also going to be an informal meet and greet/coffee at the recreation building at 7:00 PM.

We watched the Packers make it 13-0 for the season, had a bite to eat and then joined everyone at the rec building. Everyone was so nice and welcoming and friendly, we felt right at home. I don't remember many names, but I hope I'll remember their faces :)

It was during a conversation there, that the *light bulb* came on and I realized my 12 channel Cable TV was operator error. They were all talking about the Food Network and I said, "you must have satellite. I know you can't get the Food Network here." At which point, they all looked at me with a puzzled look on their faces. Of course we get it here, they said. It's on channel so & so. Hmm. "Don't you get all 62 channels?", they asked. Umm, no. The ensuing conversation went from turning off the antenna amplifier to "are you sure you switched it from antenna to cable before scanning?" Of course, I remembered doing that! Then one of the guys said, "did you switch it on the TV too?"  Light bulb Wouldn't you think that after over a year in Lucy, I'd remember something so basic? Especially because I do it every time we move??? DUH!  Well, when we got home, I re-scanned and am happy to report that we, too, now have 62 cable channels :)

This is a very small park with only 28 lots. It's easy to see that we'll all get to know each other. It like having your own little private community.

Here’s a quick shot of our street.


And here’s Lucy all snuggled in :)

2011-12-11 14.26.18

That’s it for today. Have a great evening. Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. Looks like a nice place to spend the next month and very welcoming "neighbors"! Too funny about the cable TV thing - will have to keep that in mind as this is one of my "inside" chores! Have fun!

  2. Good move traveling through big cities on Sunday. Holidays also make good big city travel days. We went through Dallas on Thanksgiving and had the highways to ourselves!!

    Lucy looks quite comfortable. Enjoy your stay in such a cozy park!

  3. You did better through Houston than we did. Glad everything is going so good. I hate we missed each other.

  4. That looks like a nice site to spend the month exploring the area. Quiet, shady, lots of trees and not too cold. We're glad you made it there safely. Enjoy!

  5. Sounds like a sweet park with only 28 spots. How did you find it?
    Looking forward to hearing about your stay.

  6. Sounds like a nice place to stay for a month or so and enjoy the slow life. As for the tv, that's totally up to Gin. I can barely work the remote.

  7. Looks and sounds like a very nice park. And you could not have planned the trip there any better it seems!!

    Have fun with all the new friends you have found!

  8. very nice looking cozy park...and the other residents sound so friendly..glad you got the TV straightened out....enjoy your stay

  9. Very nice Gail! I hope its sunny and warm for you all month. I am so itchin' to get out of Kentucky and down to Florida.


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