Tuesday, December 20, 2011

An Awesome Christmas Present! Just a Little Early :)

I am beyond happy with my Christmas present :) I have been wanting to replace my camera with something with more zoom but was unwilling to give up the small pocket-size I had. Technology has advanced to the point where this is now not only possible, but affordable too.

Santa gave me a Panasonic DMC-ZS9 for Christmas. It’s 14 MP with a 16X Optical zoom. I love it!

See the kite?


Here it is a little closer.


Now closer, still.


How about these guys on their perches?


Now, can you see them better?


The best part? Although it’s a little larger than my Pentax Optima, it still fits in my pocket :)

Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. WOWZER...WOWZER that is one great camera!! You must have been a very good girl...Donchaknow ;o))

  2. Darn, wish you could take a picture of this little gem of a camera! Boy you must have been VERY good to get this 5 days early and not even in your stocking!!

  3. That's a GREAT camera! What fun you'll have. Keep it with you at all times, it's amazing how many pictures you can get along the way.

  4. We look forward to the great pics you'll take & post with the new camera---it's sweet!

  5. looks like it takes excellent pictures...enjoy..what a nice Santa...(I hear he does the good kids first) ...he stopped here too and presented me with a kindle :) have a wonderful Christmas :)

  6. I was just saying to my son, yesterday, that I'd love to have a good "Little" camera. I have my Nikon SLR, but there are times I just don't want to lug it around. I'm going to look your model up. Thanks so much.

  7. Santa did an excellent job picking out that camera for you! Looking forward to the shots you'll be taking with it!

  8. That is so awesome Mom! Now I have one more thing to save up for :) Love you!!

  9. Santa rocks! We've been talking about our "old school" camera with the very little zoom it has...may have to start researching new ones! Merry Christmas to you both!

  10. From your pics it looks like a great little camera. Love that 16x zoom!


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