Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bits and Pieces from Tuscumbia

The past week has gone by quickly for me, for some reason. The weather has gone from unseasonably warm to unseasonably cool. Today is warm but breezy and rainy.

I want to thank all those that commented or emailed me on my Costco/Sam’s dilemma. It would appear that the vast majority of you have neither. I do agree with the comments regarding having to carry a card for every store. I hate all the grocery store cards I have accumulated.  I do look at the warehouse clubs differently though. They have served our needs for large purchases that paid for the membership many times over. The one that stands out in my mind, is eyeglasses. We found that we could save a couple hundred dollars over using other eyeglass places. That was after insurance at the other place! Costco does not take insurance, but their prices are incredible as well as their service. Anyhoo, I guess we’re going to just wait until we need a large purchase like that and get another membership then. I appreciate all your feedback.

The other day, we took a drive to the Wilson Dam, part of the Tennessee Valley Authority. This is the largest dam in the TVA system and it was impressive. The dam is 137 feet high and stretches 4,541 feet across the Tennessee River.


There’s a short walking trail adjacent to the parking area and we were able to get a little better view.


It was a cloudy, blustery day but the view was still pretty nice across the reservoir. It’s hard to see from the picture, but there’s a very nice house behind those trees. Quite the view for them!


As we were battling the wind, this huge sign warned us to be careful.


I don’t have a great zoom on my camera so it may be difficult to see, but this dam was built with ancient Roman and Greek architecture style. Just a reminder that any photo can be enlarged by clicking on it.


Arriving at one end of the bridge


Beginning the trip across



There is a sidewalk-like area on the left-hand side but I’d be very afraid to walk this. Between the traffic and the winds, I doubt it would be a good idea.


There appears to be an observation tower of some sort at the other end of the bridge. We did not explore this as it seemed to be on private property.


In other news this week, Rick became the proud owner of a new Kindle Fire :) This is the new hybrid Kindle that is also a tablet. So far, he likes it but is still getting used to it. The Fire weighs about twice that of his old Kindle, so he still prefers that for reading, but size and weight-wise, it’s much more motorhome friendly than his 15” Dell laptop, so maybe it will eventually replace that.

Yesterday, we spent the entire day in the neighboring city of Florence. We wandered the downtown area taking in an authentic general store, the Kennedy-Douglas Center for the Arts and a couple other things that caught our eye.


There was tons of Carrhart products inside, at very reasonable prices.


I loved these metal sculptures outside the Art Center!



Notice this fierce dog is chained to the light post :)



Don’t you love the purple argyle cow with the string of pearls?


If I had a yard, and a lot of money, I’d put out things like this :)


I think yards should be fun!


Once we left this creative area, I spotted a sign further down the sidewalk but could only read the upper part of it.


Just what I needed! I need to get my head examined! I’ve been told that a time or two so thought this might be my lucky day :) But alas, it was not to be :)  A very clever advertising campaign by that jewelry store though!


Then there was Florence, the cow. Grazing contentedly outside a shop called the Wine Seller, she’s apparently on the lam from the authorities :)



By this time, we had worked up an appetite, so we headed to Bunyan’s BBQ for what we had been promised were the BEST BBQ sandwiches around.


This place is, basically, just an old “hole in the wall” building but it’s been in operation for many years. Their claim to fame, is their pulled pork sandwich smothered in a spicey, mustardy slaw mixture. Very good! They also serve Slaw Dogs which seem to be popular. It’s the same spicy slaw served on a hotdog. We didn’t try those…maybe next time.

(Once again, thanks to Deborah for the tip)


Just down the street from Bunyon’s, we found the birthplace of WC Handy, the “Father of the Blues”.


WC was born in the 2 room cabin you see above. The structure was originally in another location and was disassembled and moved to the current location. It was reassembled and became part of the building that houses the WC Handy Museum.


More metal sculptures!



This was the entry into the museum. Unfortunately, cameras were not allowed past that point.


We took the guided tour and wandered the grounds for quite awhile. His life was fascinating. It’s amazing to me, that with all odds stacked against him, he became a huge success. I guess it goes back to the old adage, “Never give up”!

We completed our day with a movie, J Edgar. It’s the first movie we’ve been to in quite some time. We enjoyed it; Rick, more than I :) I thought it was a bit long and drawn out in places but, it may have just been the fact that I had to sit still for so long!

My apologies for the very lengthy and photo heavy blog this time. I hope it wasn’t too much. Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. Some good tour ideas! I like the jewelry sign, it might get me to walk around the store:)

  2. Enjoyed the post. I love the photos of the animals scuptures;o))

    I think yards should be fun as well. I also think that any yard that I do not have to take care of is a FUN yard!! Can't wait to be on the road with ever changing FUN yards!!

  3. excellent post, great read..super pictures..sure does make the yards fun :)

  4. What a wonderful post. No post is too long when it's full of neat stuff. I'm not for any yards I have to take care of so these are neat to see.

    What a fun read!

  5. I like public art sculptures. They're full of whimsy and make a yard fun. It's nice not having to worry about raking the yard now.

  6. Love the sculptures. I'm always amazed at the imagination of the artists and the materials they use to create them.

  7. I always enjoy wandering around and finding the animal sculptures when a city has a theme built around them.

  8. Thanks so much for writing your blog. You know how much I enjoy reading it. Now on to the next one..

  9. Sounds like you guys are having tons of fun. Love the sculptures. Why do I always read "food" blogs when I am hungry!
    Miss you guys!

  10. Loved the sculptures! What a great day. We don't miss the yard work either. Love this life.


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