Sunday, November 13, 2011

Costco or Sam’s Club-The Dilemma

This is a beautiful, sunny and warm (75°) Sunday afternoon. It would be the perfect day for a hike. Except for the fact that the wind is howling with sustained winds of 25 mph and gusts to 40. Our slide-toppers are threatening to take off on their own! A trip to the dumpster to take out the garbage was a challenge to remain vertical :)

I use days like this to research, debate things in my head and nap :)

So, here is my dilemma today: Costco costco

or Sam’s?


Or neither? Apparently, neither is out of the question. I have been informed that we will be replacing our house batteries in the next few months and that the savings on these alone will more than pay for the annual membership of Sam’s ($40) or Costco ($50).

So, here’s the thing. We have been Costco Members for many years. To say I am addicted to that place might be an understatement. I depend on them for coffee, meat, seafood, over-the-counter meds, batteries, roasted ready to eat chickens :) and, did I say coffee??

Our Costco membership is up for renewal in December. In our travels over the past year (to many states), I have seen less than a half dozen Costco’s yet I see Sam’s Clubs everywhere! Costco has 425 locations in the US. That sounds like a lot, right? I just don’t know where they all are!  Yes, yes, I’ve looked them up but we don’t plan our travels around Costco’s…usually :)  In comparison, Sam’s has 602. Not that huge of a disparity. Well, OK, 42% more stores. They, obviously, put their stores in places we go!

So, I’d like your input. Do you have one or both of these memberships? If you have both, which do you prefer and why? If you are a Sam’s member, can you tell me what their meat quality is like?

Costco’s meats, seafood and produce are of an excellent quality. I don’t want to lose that.

I have a month to research myself crazy and make a decision. Switch to Sam’s or stay with Costco and just plan huge stock-ups when we finally run into one?

Thanks for your help today and thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. I'm no help, I'm afraid. I don't use either, and have never been in a Costco.

  2. We had both...Stu had Costco for years and I had Sam's Club. We renewed both the first year together. Since then we have kept only Sam's Club. We have found them to be in more places that we visit so it works for us.

    Every once in a while we remember something that Costco carried that Sam's doesn't but not worth the added $$.

  3. We don't have a membership to either one but will be interested in hearing what your readers have to say.

    Hope the wind dies down for you soon. I don't like wind!!!

  4. We've had Sam's and BJ's in the past. Since we don't have much space to spare, we have no plans to start back with these stores. I'm afraid that we would over bye on things. Hopefully a weekly run to a local grocery and an occasional WalMart trip will do for the most part.

  5. Bummer, I can't be of any help either. We don't belong to either. Sam's Club is more common than Costco I've noticed but like Gin & Syl, we get along with farmer's markets, grocery, wal-mart and kmart.

  6. I've had both, but prefer Costco because they have more things we use.

    However, I do like to overnight at Sam's Club once in a while, don't think Costco welcomes RVs.

  7. We have neither. Actually, I would love to just shop any place that does not require you to have have a special "discount" card. So I believe that means Walmart, Albertsons, local groceries and farmer's markets. I want life to be simple. I am tired of carrying around all those cards ;o((

  8. Our friends in west Texas have Sam's club. We have eaten meat purchased there and it was good. We go with them some times but don't buy in the large quantities that would justify a membership.

  9. We have a Sam's membership and value it. The meat there is very nice quality. When we are in areas that there is no fresh fruit and veggys, we also purchase them there at a nice savings. We have also found that Sam's prices are lower than WalMart's.

  10. We had both but we didn't renew our Costco because they weren't located where we were going to be traveling. We buy meats at Sam's and the quality is good. I can't buy in quantity like when we had the house but we get our coffee, paper towels, over the counter medicine. Hope we will run into each other in our travels. We are going to Maine next May.

  11. Interesting ... thanks for asking the question, we're Costco members and like you appreciate the quality of the meat, etc. But may consider not renewing when we get on the road full time ... don't have to worry about that for another year, however.

  12. That's an easy one for me as we have Costco at home but not Sam's Club!

  13. We only have Sam's and have never had Costco so cannot comment on which is best. The quality of what Sam's carries is very good in our experience although we do not buy meat there.

  14. Sorry we can't help as we don't have memberships to either! We agreed with Bill and Nancy about those pesky membership cards though!


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