Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I am so sorry I didn’t update you all about George in the last blog post! I got comments and I got emails, so just for the record, I am happy to report that George did not surface over the weekend :)

We all think we “know” where George is, but no one is talking. So, what we  think we know may not be correct, or what we once knew may come back to bite us :)

In any case, George is silent. Maybe George is trying to dig his upside down way out :) Maybe George is soliciting his sons to help him :)

All I know is that George may or may not surface at the next Carolina Clan Reunion!


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  1. Love the whole thing. Too funny!!
    But George must resurface at the next mini-rally. After all, isn't he one of the gang? ;-)

  2. Oh great... Let's invite all of George's relatives so EVERYONE can get a George;o))

    See what you two started when you gave George away... Don'tcha Know!!

    We know Rick... You Betcha!!!

  3. LOL! This is too funny! Who would figure we could get this much fun from a George Foreman grill. George Foreman would be proud or not! :)

  4. Do you think the person that has George is actually using him?

    I guess you'll know for sure when you all meet again at the next CC gathering, they'll be the skinny ones from all those low fat meals!


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