Sunday, October 16, 2011

Corinth Recreation Area, AL-Our First Workamping Gig

We arrived at Corinth Recreation Area in the Bankhead National Forest in Alabama on Saturday afternoon. We had agreed, back in March, to volunteer here for 6 weeks, starting Oct 15 and ending when the park closed the end of November. This is a beautiful, well-cared for park and we were very excited to be able to spend 6 weeks here in exchange for some volunteering.

Bummer! We’ve been reduced to 2 weeks. The park is closing the end of October instead of the end of November. Bigger bummer! We found out less than 24 hours before we arrived, so we had no time to change our plans. In fairness to our supervisors here, they also were informed the same day. We all ended up on the short end of the stick.

So, we make the most of what we have; we’re here for the 2 weeks. We’ll learn what we can, then move on. We both are scheduled to work about 20 hours a week. I start work tomorrow, working from 3-6 PM. Rick started today. He’s cleaning campsites as people leave, I’ll be in the office.

Our site


Views of the loop from our site

IMGP3351   IMGP3350  IMGP3352 IMGP3353

The drive to the office and the office interior

IMGP3354 IMGP3355

The boat ramp

IMGP3357 IMGP3356

Although we are disappointed in their change of schedule, we are not going to let it spoil our time here. We’ll take full advantage of the beauty of this park until they close and chase us away :)

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  1. It looks like such a beautiful place. It's a shame that it closes early. Maybe you can catch a few weeks there in the Spring.

  2. What a beautiful park. I can see why you would return to this campground. Bummer that your schedule was cut short, but enjoy it while you're there.

  3. Bummer for the short time there, but you can always go back. Come join us in Fla. It would be great being with you.

  4. Boy, you usually don't hear people being disappointed about not having to WORK!! Just kidding, wouldn't mind 'working' there;o))

    Can't wait to see more and explore this beautiful place with you!!

  5. We are originally from Jemison, Alabama (before we started full-timing) and have been to Bankhead National Forest ourselves. It is an amazing area, especially in the Fall. Enjoy your time there, more opportunities will come your way!
    Jerry and Cynthia

  6. Two weeks is better than nothing I guess. Enjoy.

  7. Looks like a great park. Enjoy your short stint there!

  8. We had this happen in California last year. The park had a rockslide on the incoming road and they closed the campgrounds. Scheduled for 2 months but stayed only 3 weeks. It did put a glitch in the plans but it all worked out and we ended up having a great winter.

  9. Oh no! So sorry to hear this. I was looking forward to an lot of cool posts from there so I guess I'll just have to learn a lot in a shorter period of time and then you can take me somewhere else I've never been before.


  10. Enjoy the time you have there. Looks like a great park.

  11. I wonder why such a late change in the schedule? Enjoy the time you have.

  12. Sorry your stay will be cut short. This looks like a great place. Looking forward to meeting/seeing y'all in December on your way to Rockport.

  13. The short changing of your stay means a better adventure is just ahead.

  14. Nice place but so sorry to hear about your work-camping job. Everything happens for a reason and this will give you more time to "wine"! Enjoy!!

  15. Bummer on the early closure! I hope it doesn't present a problem with the old budget! Take care then and enjoy!


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