Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Where Did The Time Go? It’s Almost Time to Leave.

When we first arrived here at the NC State Fairgrounds, it seemed like a long stop for us. It was going to be just short of 3 weeks. That seemed like a long time :) The time, however, has gone by quickly.

Last Saturday we were visited by Ronnie and Cynthia. They live here in Wake County and hope to be full timers sooner rather than later. Cynthia contacted me through our blog and asked if they could come visit, meet us and talk about their full time plans. 


They arrived with gifts in hand! They brought us a bottle of wine from their home town and a jar of fresh peach preserves. It certainly wasn’t necessary but we sure didn’t turn it down and have enjoyed both very much. Thank you!


We sat around outside and visited for the afternoon. It’s very apparent that these 2 know exactly what they are doing!  They’ve owned RV’s for 19 years! They are afraid that their plans to switch from a 5th wheel to a motorhome is going to be really different. We tried to reassure them that it’s not going to be very different at all, and if they know about the systems of their current RV, switching wont’ be a really big deal. I hope we convinced them. They are anxious to start their new life but are taking their time and doing things slowly. I think they have the right idea :)

While we were showing Ronnie and Cynthia our Lucy, I noticed that we had drops of water coming out of our front A/C :(  We’ve had some sweating and condensation from high humidity, but this was actual drops of water falling from the unit. After they left, it got worse. Water started to drain out of the unit, not drops, but dribbles. Once we removed the screen and filter, we found the coils were frozen solid. They also were dirty. Guess we need to address that. :) So, we turned off the unit and allowed it to melt.


I expected the melting to drip down and so, a towel became a fixture in the living room for a couple days. Surprisingly, not a drop dripped inside. It melted and drained through the roof drains as it was designed.


The next day, Rick climbed on the roof and cleaned the inside and outside condenser coils while I washed and replaced the filter inside. By the end of the project, we were back in business and everything seems to be working as it should. (fingers crossed)

On Monday afternoon, we drove out to Jordan Lake to visit with our friends Gin and Syl.  They have their house on the market and are counting the days until they can join those of us on the road. We sat out in their “yard”, enjoyed the scenery and had a great visit and many laughs. We hope to see them down the road sooner, rather than later :)

Tuesday, we met daughter, Nicole, for lunch at the Bull City Burger and Brewery in downtown Durham. We had a wonderful lunch and got all caught up. She is home for a couple months this summer, but is going back to Florence in October. We might have to take a little side trip from our North American adventure and visit her over there this year :)

Today, we had our teeth cleaned (Thanks Darcy and Beth!) and got our flu shots. Tomorrow, I go for my annual mammogram and Friday morning, we leave and head west. It will feel good to move again :)

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Sounds like some good times spent socializing with friends and famiy.

    We're moving east to avoid the western cold weather and you're moving west. SW I assume :-)

  2. Hard to believe it is almost three weeks since our time at Cheraw!! Sounds like you have accomplished a lot since you've been in Raleigh. We'll be interested in hearing all about your volunteer position and the beautiful place you will be staying.

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails....

  3. We are looking forward to seeing you guys it will be here before we know it. Travel safe!

  4. Looking forward to seeing you both for a little wining! Travel safe and see you Friday.

  5. It's amazing how quickly a week -- or three weeks -- can fly by. I'm trying to figure out where the last two months went!

    Glad your A/C problem was an easy fix.

  6. Nice of you to get your teeth cleaned before you head west.

    That way you'll have nice bright smiles as you see all that beautiful countryside! ;c)

  7. Our AC has been doing almost the same thing. At night its a little cooler and it seems to freeze up and not blow as hard.
    Warmer here in Cedar City Utah than normal.
    Just a month ago we started turning the AC on.

    Dripping AC is no fun.



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