Monday, September 19, 2011

Purging and More Basement Storage Space

While we are stationary taking care of doctor and dental appointments back in NC, we decided to do a bit of purging. As we’ve had Lucy for a year, it seemed like a good idea to get rid of things we haven’t used in that time. The purge is still on but Rick decided that our golf clubs were first on the list to go. We’ve hauled them around since the beginning but have never used them. I quit playing years ago and he quit a couple years ago. We originally thought we’d take it up again in our old age :) but it’s not likely. In the meantime, 2 full sets of clubs including hard travel cases can make a huge dent in available basement space.

Last Friday, Rick pulled them out of the basement. He opened the cases, took out the bags and clubs, laid them out real purdy-like while I took pictures and  before long, they were on Craigslist. Well, that’s not exactly true. I used to be an html wiz on Craigslist. I had gorgeous listings and I sold a lot of stuff. It’s been over a year since I’ve had ‘stuff’ to sell and I lost my touch :) It took me awhile to find it, but it eventually came back to me :)  So, by the end of Friday, they were listed :) By the end of the weekend, they were gone.

Valley Deluxe Cargo Basket on AmazonThis gave us some amazing space in the basement. It kind of boomeranged from there. The ladder we usually carried in a cargo basket on the hitch of the Jeep now fits underneath along with a few other things that were always Jeep-bound. By the end of his purge, Rick found he no longer needed nor wanted our cargo basket.  Voila! Another Craigslist listing :) Hope it goes as fast as the clubs !

While we were purging, Rick completed a new project that doesn’t take up much space but sure makes my life easier. Many thanks to Paul and Jill, AKA Dunkin Donuts, for this idea. Although I love my combo washer/dryer, there are times that I like to just hang things on hangers and let them air dry. This is particularly true if I’m behind on the wash and, by doing so, I can wash many more loads in x amount of time by line drying :) I present to you, the awesome motorhome drying machine! :) 









Let me demonstrate…my very cool clothes dryer :)

 IMGP3244 IMGP3247






How cool is that? I’m so lucky Rick didn’t pull out the tools and put them all on Craigslist!

Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. That clothes dryer looks really nice! Where did you get it? We have a washer on board, but it does not dry.

  2. We try to have a rule that if it is not used for six months is has to go.

    The other rule is if you buy something that is essentially the same as what is already there, throw one of the old ones out. This was intended largely for clothes, but I am still being slowly squeezed out of all my clothes storage spaces:)

  3. Purging, yea right... you were hunting for "George!"

    We better not find "George" on Craig's List ;o))

    Nice to see Rick was paying attention during the Carolina Clan seminars;) He did a great job on the Clothes Dryer!!!

  4. I like the clothes dryer. We purged a few items off on our friends this week.

  5. I almost forgot about the dryer. Something else for Gin to do in the next few weeks.
    It looks like the grass is filling in at the Fairgrounds.

  6. Well, I purged at least fifty pounds of clothes to go to Good Will this past week. It feels good to get lighter!

  7. Great idea with the clothesline -- very cool! And good job with your golf clubs. Hope your cargo basket goes just as quickly.

  8. George is crying to get out right now! Poor guy! He may never be found.

  9. Well I'm ordering up one of those clothes drying racks especially after the cost of laundry is going up up up. I will never skip the $1 wash again to find that it is $2.50 at the next spot.

    Glad to hear you are feeling a lot lighter now! We're going to do the same thing when we are back in Virginia for Dr and Dental things. Great minds think alike


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