Saturday, September 3, 2011

Price Lake Kayaking, North Carolina

On Friday morning, we met friends Evin and Steve at their cabin in Lenoir, NC for a leisurely day of kayaking and visiting. We arrived at their cabin just after 10:00 AM and were met with fresh coffee and  cinnamon twists on the patio. We met Evin and Steve at an RV-Dreams rally so we spent some time catching up. Our destination for the day was Price Lake, close to Blowing Rock. It’s a nice calm lake, perfect for “practicing”.

Before heading out of town, kayaks in tow, we stopped at a local BBQ place and purchased lunch. I had to laugh as Steve directed Evin in which photos to take for his blog Smile Poor Evin was in and out of that car, good naturedly, more times than I would have been! Smile Once we got to Blowing Rock, we had to stop for the requisite photo op. (I’m the one taking the picture Smile)


Lunch was very, very good. We ate at a picnic area just outside the lake.



The food was delicious and we ate almost all of it!

Finally, we arrived at the lake. We joked that it only took us 5 hours to launch our boats that day. It was just after 3:00 when we finally got going Smile Here is our Sea Eagle suffering from un-use. It served us well today.


Shots of Steve and Evin as we started out.



This was a spectacular place!  The scenery was stunning.



We really were practicing Smile Next week, we are meeting up with several friends in Cheraw, SC for a few days of fun. Kayaking will be part of that!

We purchased our Sea Eagle in September of 2009. We used it once that month and then retired it for the winter. The following spring was when I had my accident, so it sat, unused, for over a year. This was our 2nd use of the Sea Eagle in as many years but it had held up well and we had a wonderful time!

We’re hoping the weather will hold (doesn’t look promising, at this point) and we’ll be able to do some kayaking down in SC with our friends. Tropical Storm Lee seems to be headed in this direction, so we may have many rainy days ahead of us. That’s ok too. It could be much worse. We’ll find something else to do if necessary Smile

As we paddled around this very smooth, calm lake, it was surprising to see the leaves already changing colors. We’ve been in temps of 90+ most of the summer (including here), so this took us by surprise. I can only imagine how gorgeous it will be in October!


Along the shore we found water lilies.


It was a wonderful, relaxing day and I won’t even mention the fact that both Steve and I ended up falling into the lake! Thanks for the wonderful day, Evin an Steve! See you in South Carolina!


Until then, thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. I have been thinking about trying kayaking. Just thinking about having to carry them around makes me a bit uncertain.

  2. What a nice, relaxing day with friends. Your last photo is especially beautiful. Good thing you didn't spill the beans on your little "dip" in the lake. ;-)

  3. What a beautiful place. Maybe now that the kayak has touched water once again, it will force itself to be used more often! :) Sounds like you had a great day.

  4. What a fun day the four of you had!!

    So glad you got the kayak out again. That sure was a beautiful place to practice...

    I think you will love Lake Juniper at Cheraw as well. Just checked the weather and looking better once we get through Thursday:o))

    We just need everyone to do the 'Sunshine' dance;o)))

  5. Looking foward to yakking in SC whether it's kayaking or talking. Thanks for the pics of Price Lake. I had heard that it's pretty. No one can get in or out of a kayak gracefully.

  6. Nothing quite so perfect as a day on a smooth lake or a quiet river with your kayaks. Glad to see you found such a lovely place. And yes, as Syl said, it is impossible to look graceful getting out of a kayak. I try to do it when no one is looking.

  7. Such a peaceful lake ... and thanks for keeping your "spill" a secret!


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