Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blog Changes, Additions and Deletions

Over the weekend, I spent a little time working on a map of our travels with Lucy. You will find a small portion of that map on the left side of the blog. If you click on the map, it will take you to a larger version of the map complete with stops. I wanted a map of our travels and thought you might like to follow along.

The second change to the blog is in the comments section.  I had always opted for the word verification instead of the owner approval. I felt that if you went through the effort of verifying that goofy word, there was no reason for me to have to approve your post on top of that! 

This post from Rick Doyle got me thinking about the need for even word verification. It seems that Google has a super spam block in place and is actually doing away with the word verification in the next version of Blogger.

It appears that the reason most bloggers use comment moderation is to get the email notifying them of the comment. If this is the only reason to use comment moderation, that can be easily rectified by enabling email notification. This post will show you how.

I find it tedious to leave a comment on a blog when both word verification and comment moderation are enabled. There’s just too many hoops to jump through and after jumping through them, I still don’t get the gratification of seeing my comment posted. I must wait. I never go back to see if it made the cut. It’s my guess that all this hoopla discourages people from leaving comments in the first place.

I thought I would get rid of all that obnoxious bologna and just see what happened if I left it totally open to any and all comments and didn’t put any obstacles in the way. I am happy to report that nothing has changed. I get all my comments as always, emailed to me as they occur and no spam.

Won’t you join me? Let’s make things easier on each other.

Thanks for stopping by.  Turtle


  1. I really appreciate it when bloggers put up maps of their travels. As a map maker and map lover, it always helps me to see the story in the perspective of where it is located. Hmmm. Looks as though your word verification is still around. so, "nyinga" it is. Good luck with getting it off. oops. forgot to actually type it in. so now it is "exceme" Let's see if I can get it right this time.

  2. Malone, thanks for catching that!

    Talk about egg on my face!!!

    I thought I had it disabled, but it appears that I had to revert back to the old Blogger dashboard to disable it. The new one doesn't even have it listed. So....I once again think I have it disabled. If anyone else is asked for the word verification, please let me know. I'll have to go to a higher source to fix this, if that's the case. :)

  3. Just tried to post a comment and I got a window asking me if I wanted to sign up for a blogger account which I already have but no place to sign in. Comment was no where in sight.

    did it again, same thing. Did it a 3rd time but before I did it, I signed into my blogger account in another window.

    This is much harder than the word verification. I've forgotten what my original comment was.

    If this one doesn't make it, I'll just email you with my woes.

  4. Thanks for the shout out!

    I'm going to leave this comment and hope that the kinks the others have mentioned have been worked out.

  5. Love the map and will try to remove the comment obstacles first chance I get. I'm still trying to get the Cheraw Blogs posted ;o))

    Perhaps you know... I use to be able to click on a photo to see it enlarged. Now when I click on a photo, I get a film strip of all photos in the blog but the size is the same. Is this something I've done to my blog or is this happening on all blogs???

  6. Sherry, so sorry you had a problem. I think it may have been one of those instances where blogger had signed you out and it would have happened anyway. At least I hope so. Please give it another try.

    I really was trying to make things easier for people, not harder :)

  7. Hi Gail and Rick. My husband and I are planning to be full time RVers
    in the future. To help with our learning curve, I have been following several blogs, one of which is yours. We live in Wake County and would love to meet you. If your schedule permits, may we stop by sometime before you leave Raleigh?

  8. Ron and Cyndi, We would love to meet you! I hope you come back here as I have no way of contacting you directly.
    Please email me at gail.houle (at) gmail.com and we'll set up a meeting.

  9. I have my blog set up to make it easy for the commenter to do so. I think if they care enough to comment, I don't want to put any roadblocks in the way.

    In almost a year and a half of blogging, I have yet to receive a nasty comment. Or I have great blogging friends! :c)

  10. Hmmm...maybe I'll leave off word verification and see what happens too.


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