Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wrapping Things Up In Wisconsin…

The little town of Two Rivers has proven to be a wonderful stopping spot for us and we would definitely come back here another time.
Friday morning, Rick took advantage of the Mariner’s Trail that connects Two Rivers with Manitowoc and rode his Trikke the entire way there and back. This mostly flat, paved trail runs 5.5 miles each way for an 11 mile round trip all along the bank of Lake Michigan. Not only was it a good work out, but it’s a beautiful ride in itself. While he was doing that, I set out on foot :) It takes me a lot longer to go a lot less, but the weather was co-operating and I had my handy RunKeeper app to track things for me :) In the end, Rick was the big winner with 11 miles Trikked and 3 miles walked. I came in a distant 2nd with 5.2 miles walked. Oh well. It was good for both of us.
That evening, Two Rivers was enjoying Rogers Street Days, a celebration of the Rogers Street Fishing Village. This was a  museum fundraiser and community celebration featuring live music, smelt, burgers, brats, beverages, crawfish, kayak parade and games for kids. We took in the festivities on Friday evening by indulging in the smelt fry. It had been many years since I’d enjoyed fried smelt, but they tasted just like I remembered :)  I should have taken a picture, but by the time I remembered, most of the smelt were gone :)
Saturday evening, after spending the day catching up on laundry and chores around the house, we walked downtown to a pub called Kurtz’s. This establishment is 120 years old and on it’s 3rd generation (same family) owner. They specialize in German and other European beers on draught as well as having a thriving deli sandwich business. I chose their Reuben with homemade potato salad and Rick had the sliced pork on light rye with the potato salad. We both inhaled our sandwiches (thus, once again, no pictures!). The entire experience was excellent and except for the fact that they are closed on Sundays, we’d be back there again today! :)
One of the things we’ve walked by every day we’ve been here is a tribute to Vince Lombardi, lovingly cared for by an elderly gentleman in his front yard.
2011-08-13 18.20.43
2011-08-13 18.20.53

Quite the shrine. It did remind me, though, that having been raised a Packer fan and having always been a Packer fan, I had never even been to Green Bay! Road Trip! Well sort of. Green Bay is only 40 miles from here, so it seemed like an appropriate Sunday excursion :)
 IMGP3011 IMGP3012 IMGP3013 
It was fun and very nice to wander through Lambeau Field. It was almost like being a part of history :)
On the way home, we stopped to have our Two Rivers Ice Cream Sundae :) Remember, the first ice cream sundae was made right here!
IMGP3016 (Small)
IMGP3017 (Small)
We located the Washington House which housed the ice cream parlor and the museum.
IMGP3018 (Small)
IMGP3019 (Small)
The original ice cream parlor was destroyed in 1979 but rebuilt when the building became a museum. They were doing a bustling business this afternoon and we gladly joined in the line :) This is the “small” sundae. Others ordered the large…it was HUGE!
IMGP3020 (Small)
Once we finished our Sundae’s, we wandered the museum. A large display was dedicated to Charlton Heston and his wife of 60 years, Lydia Clark. Lydia was a resident of Two Rivers, Charlton from across the Lake in Michigan.
Tomorrow we leave this nice little community. I will miss it. Here is the sunset we saw out our window this evening.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Glad you made it to the center of the GBP world. Honestly, I would have enjoyed the sundae more.

  2. Ice cream and football. Sounds like a perfect day. :)

  3. Hmmm! An ice cream sunday sounds real good even though it's breakfast time here.

  4. That was nice of you to let Rick win by holding back and only doing 5.2 miles on the Mariner's Trail. ;-)

  5. Oh that Sundae looks DELICIOUS! I could almost eat your picture. And thanks for the other pictures of the home of the Sundae. Now I know just where to go!!


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