Thursday, August 11, 2011

Two Rivers, Wisconsin

On Wednesday, August 10th, after 6 weeks of mooching off my sister and brother-in-law, Winking smile we hit the road again. Our destination was 200 miles to the east in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Two Rivers is the birthplace of the ice cream sundae (and I’m going to have one before we leave here!) . Two Rivers is also right on the shores of Lake Michigan and both the West Twin River and the East Twin River run right through it. There is no lack of water around here! Rain, yes. Water, no. We were drawn to this area because it is right on the steps of Door County, our ultimate destination. This park, the Stop-N-Dock Marina and RV Park, is nothing fancy and the sites are rather close together, but the view is excellent! Here is what we see out Lucy’s front window. It’s a Passport America Park and we are comfortable here.

2011-08-10 15.08.14

We arrived around 2:30 PM, got set up, rested a bit, had a bite to eat and headed out on foot to see the town. We headed for Lake Michigan and found a wonderful walking/bike trail, all paved, along the shore. The Mariner’s Trail spans 5.5 miles right along the coast and connects Two Rivers and Manitowoc. We did not attempt it at that time, but it looks like a doable Trikke ride for Rick and I believe I will walk part of it. I think I could do the 5.5 miles if it’s not too hot. I only have to figure out how to get back home after that! I’m not up to 11 miles yet Smile

On this hike, we took in the marina, had an ice cream cone and sat along the shore for awhile. This photo has a lighthouse in the distance. Click on it to enlarge.

2011-08-10 17.41.11

We headed back before dark making our total trip 3.2 miles. I know that because there’s an app for that! Smile Runkeeper is a free Droid app that uses the gps on your phone to determine your distance, time, elevation and calories burned. Pretty cool!

This morning, Thursday, we headed north into Door County. Door county is the area of land in Wisconsin’s “finger”. What a beautiful drive! The countryside is beautiful with several little tourist towns along the way. We ate lunch in Egg Harbor, population: 250. It’s apparent when there, that this has to be winter population. There are several shops, galleries, restaurants in this little town and many more than 250 people just wandering the streets todaySmile We ate at the Shipwrecked Restaurant, Door county’s only microbrewery. The food was good and the beer was good too Smile

2011-08-11 12.57.52

We wandered the area going through communities with small populations but cute names Smile Once we left Egg Harbor, we continued on to Fish Creek, , Ephraim, Sister Bay, Bailey’s Harbor and numerous others. We spent some time in Fish Creek and happened upon the Oilery, an olive oil bar where you can purchase any one of a number of flavored olive oils. The olive oil is in bulk, you are encouraged to sample and then when you’ve decided on a flavor, they fill a bottle for you. Most of their oil was imported from Italy, although some came from California.  We chose a garlic extra virgin olive oil. I can hardly wait to use it!

About 3:30, the clouds moved in and the rains started. Bummer. Our original plan was to stick around till evening and enjoy one of their famous Door County Fish Boils. The rain sort of put a damper on that so we headed for home. The closer we got to Lucy, the more the sun shone! I don’t think it rained a drop in Two Rivers! Oh well. We had a light supper at home, watched a little TV and will be headed off for bed shortly. I’ll leave you with one more lighthouse photo Smile Thanks for stopping by!

2011-08-11 11.22.31


  1. What a gorgeous area! I wish we saw it while up in WI. Thanks for taking us along. Have fun, safe travels.

  2. Glad to see you back on the road!! This looks like a great area. Nice to hear you are ready to walk 5+ miles. I know that has taken a lot of work to get there:o))

  3. Beautiful area. Catherine loves here iphone app it tracks her activity time and calories burned.

  4. Two Rivers will be going on our list of places to see if it's the birthplace of the ice cream sundae. Must pay homage! :-)

  5. Nice area. I am always happy to stay near a marina, so I can watch the boats come and go. This marina looks a bit empty.

  6. I love lighthouses. Thanks for the pics and the tip on Runkeeper.

    Home of the Ice Cream Sundae - Wisconsin just moved to the top of my list!!

  7. I'm glad you had a nice time there. I grew up in Two Rivers for for 18 years and think the place is beautiful. While I don't live there anymore, I still have a lot of fond memories:) I'll be back in Christmas where my all of my family continues to live. Point Beach State forest is a must see along with a stop at Port Sandy Bay for some pizza and beer:)


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