Friday, August 19, 2011

A New State: Kentucky

We left Indianapolis on Thursday morning and headed south on I-65 to Kentucky. We ran into several miles of road construction and traffic backups north of Louisville, but we weren’t in any hurry so it didn’t really matter :) I did not realize that Louisville was so close to the Indiana border but, it’s right on the border! Here’s the Louisville skyline taken from Indiana :)


You don’t reach Kentucky until you’re in the middle of the bridge going over the Ohio River.


We continued on to Frankfort, the capital of Kentucky and our campground, Still Waters located about 10 miles out of town.

IMGP3048 IMGP3044 IMGP3045 IMGP3047

On first look, Still Waters looks a bit run down, but once we registered and paid, we travelled around the bend to find a very nice meadow.


Beyond that is our campground.

IMGP3061 IMGP3059 IMGP3060

It’s nice, quiet and peaceful and we like it here.

We thought we’d do a little exploring on Friday so drove into the historical part of town and took in the “old Governor’s mansion” (now occupied by the Lt. Gov.-the Governor has a new mansion), the state capital and the Kentucky historical museum.

IMGP3057 IMGP3049 IMGP3050 IMGP3051

Our next stop was the Rebecca Ruth Candy Company where we took a tour. Rebecca Ruth is most notably known for inventing bourbon chocolate. They hold a patent on it and are, officially, the only ones that can “legally” use the term “bourbon balls”.

IMGP3054 IMGP3052 IMGP3053

This company has been in business since 1919 and has quite a feminine history. Started by 2 lady friends, the company has withstood marriage, death and prohibition. Currently run by Ruth’s grandson, it is alive and thriving in Frankfort, KY. To this day, the candies are all handmade and hand wrapped. We were good. We received a sample bourbon ball with our tour but politely declined any additional purchase :) It’s not that they weren’t good. They were, in fact, wonderful! We just felt proud of ourselves for our ability to pass up the temptation of more :)

After that, we picked up a couple movies at Red Box for the evening. No TV in this area on our antenna, so we, once again, are relying on Red Box for our evening entertainment. Next up:

4180 4113

Wonder if either will be worth it?

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. We skipped the candy tour, and now I see we missed out on Bourbon Balls:)

  2. Glad to hear the campground's book was better than its original cover.

    Good plan to hit the candy company. Very interesting history. Think I'll put it first on my list for Franfort. :-)

    Awaiting your movie reviews! Have fun!!!

  3. It seems like there's always construction going on around Louisville!

    Kudos to you for resisting temptation on buying any bourbon balls. Not so sure I'd have the willpower. :-(


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