Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beech Fork State Park, Barboursville, WV

On Tuesday, August 23, we left Frankfort, KY and headed east on I-64 to Beech Fork State Park in Barboursville, WV.  We exited I-64 at exit 11 and traveled south to the park. The first 4 miles on Route 10 weren’t too bad. The next 4 miles on Hughes Branch Road left me wondering what we had gotten ourselves into. The road was narrow with no shoulders but a guardrail, if you were lucky. It was a constant stream of turns, curves and switchbacks.


Unfortunately, it’s difficult to photograph switchbacks…even if you could! Most of my time was taken up quivering

2011-08-24 12.59.37like a baby in the corner Sad smile Up and down. Back and forth. Turns so sharp there wasn’t room for anyone but you!

2011-08-24 12.59.08

I was a wreck. By the time we pulled into the parking lot at the main building, I was convinced that if they didn’t have room for us, I’d boondock in their parking lot until I got up enough nerve to leave.  Of course, leaving meant going out the same way we came in Smile

As luck would have it, they had room Smile This park has a new 50 amp full hook-up area so we decided to stay a week and take advantage of my big 10% senior citizen discount Smile Apparently, as we were parking, the Virginia earthquake occurred. Everyone, but us, felt it Sad smile It did give people something to talk about Smile

After dinner Tuesday night, we walked through the campground. Here’s our neighbors. Apparently, they’re so used to humans that they let you walk right up to them.

2011-08-23 19.29.14

2011-08-23 19.29.37

On Wednesday, we did some grocery shopping. The weather had turned hot again, and the humidity was very high. We took our evening walk following the same path as the previous night. We were almost home when we saw a skunk on the shoulder of the road coming up on our left.  Ok, so I don’t know what you do when you come across a skunk, but I freaked. He wasn’t moving and I was afraid if we got much closer, we’d startle him and he’d spray. So, we hung out for awhile…on the road…not doing much of anything. Eventually, Mr. Skunk crossed the road and went down the embankment towards the water. We moved quickly to get past that area Smile Whew! Made it! I’ve never been sprayed by a skunk and I never want to be! All I could think of was that we were both going to get sprayed and who would go to the store for tomato juice??? I’m such a wuss.

Thursday (today) was a rain day. We slept in and vegged much of the day. It rained much of the morning, but the afternoon was clear, although hot and humid. Rick went Trikking while I stayed behind and spent a few hours organizing photos on my computer. Way back when, I had scanned, what seemed like a million, photos on my computer in the quest to rid myself of the actual photographs. It was a long, tedious job but I finally accomplished it. I hadn’t looked at any of those photos until today, when I sorted them and put them into folders.  Quite a job! It’s not perfect, but it sure is better than when I started Winking smile

We’ve both been watching Hurricane Irene. It’s set to hit our home state of NC on Saturday. On the one hand, we’re glad we are far away and safe. On the other hand, we almost miss the “wait” that we had become accustomed to while we lived there. We hope all our friends and family remain safe and sound.

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  1. Looks like a beautiful park, but not so nice a drive to get there;o((

    Never heard anyone say they missed the "wait" of a hurricane. I always thought you were a very sensible woman...may have to rethink that one;o))

    Anyway stay where you are, we are doing the "wait" for you:o))

  2. I am with Bill. We have been talking about how much we don't "miss" the wait. I do miss Florida though. I think the prudent thing was to give the skunk a wide berth.

  3. I started scanning photos for the same purpose ... to rid ourselves of the paper copies. Have a long way to go ... but have to get a new scanner first as the old one no longer works :-(((

  4. Thanks so much for the tip! I've crossed that campground off my list. After my ride up and over the 10,000 foot peak in Yellowstone I hope I NEVER do the quivering thing again.

    My home state was Virginia and we missed the Earthquake and now the hurricane. What luck! But all our friends can talk about what they were doing when it struck and we'll have to say we were hiking in Yellowstone and missed it all! HA! :-)

  5. Looks like a nice park and the neighbors will not be playing any loud music. Just keeping the grass short.

  6. I'd be quivering right along with you on that drive into the park. Coincidentally, did it just happen to be happy hour by the time you got the rig set up? ;-)

    Smart move on giving that skunk its space. Don't think I'd want to have to flip a coin to see who had to go get the tomato juice.

  7. Nice park and beautiful drive - although all those switchbacks would have had Paulette sinking down below the windshield!!


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