Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Short Ferry Ride to Vermont

This morning, for lack of anything better to do, we took the ferry to Vermont. We usually do this at least once while we’re here. Although Vermont is a next door neighbor, in this part of New York, the 2 states are separated by the very large Lake Champlain. There is a way to drive around to get there, but it’s much shorter and quicker to take one of the ferries. Due to the flooding, only one of the ferry terminals in the area was operating-Cumberland Head.  The others are closed, some under water. As we drove to the ferry dock, we passed Cumberland Bay State Park. What you’re seeing here used to be a campground. Sorry for the picture quality. I took these as we were driving by through the Jeep windows.


There were sandbags all along the edges of the properties on this road. It looked like it may have helped some, but not all. We arrived at the ferry terminal, bought our round trip ticket ($25 r/t for 2 people and the Jeep) and got in line.


It took no time at all and we were boarding the ferry.


The trip takes all of 12 minutes. Here is Vermont from across the lake. It was very hazy and windy, so it was difficult to get a clear photo. Seas were a little rough but not horrible and it wasn’t raining, so all was good Smile


As we approached Grand Isle, VT we could see the reconstruction they had started since this terminal had also flooded out.


It was easier to see when we got off the ferry. There were gravel piles and wheel barrows and construction equipment everywhere. It appeared that the road we got off on was a new temporary solution. Once on the highway, it was obvious that the Vermont side was in no better condition than the New York side. Water was up to the roads but, at least, no longer OVER the roads. The lake level on Lake Champlain is at the highest ever recorded. Mother Nature has sure done a number on the U.S. this spring, hasn’t she?


As we got a bit further from Lake Champlain, the terrain just looked lush and green.


This area is very close to Burlington, VT. Our destination in Vermont was Costco Smile Although New York has several Costco stores, 99% of them are in NY City or close by. We are several hours north of NYC, so that didn’t help us any. Vermont has one Costco which is in Colchester, just outside Burlington. This had to be the busiest Costco I have ever been in! Rick said it raised his stress level just being in there and trying to avoid running someone over…or being run over! We were able to get what we came for, check out and get it all neatly stashed in the Jeep. Then we went back in to see if we could get new passport photos taken as it’s time to renew. That 10 years sure went by fast! Too bad you can’t use the same picture. I looked 10 years younger on the old one Smile The photo department was not anywhere near as busy as the rest of the store. In about 15 minutes we were finished and paid.  Unfortunately, while we were smiling for the camera, the sky opened up! It was pouring like crazy and didn’t look like it was going to stop for awhile. Neither of us had an umbrella but it’s doubtful one would have helped. Even if we could have gotten to the Jeep, it was pouring too hard to drive. So…time for lunch! We hit the Costco snack bar, got one of their big honkin’ hotdogs and a drink and found a place to sit until the rain stopped and the sun returned.

Driving back to the ferry, we were enticed to stop for gas. It was exciting to see Unleaded for $3.849 a gallon! Our last fill-up in NY was $4.019. Now, that’s for the Jeep. Don’t get me started on Diesel! Smile Stopping for gas also gave me the opportunity to get my ‘picture of the day’. I thought this was a cute play on words for an antique shop. I did not go in. I can’t buy anything in a place like that that would fit in Lucy!


That pretty much sums up our day. We came home and had a delicious dinner of Costco roasted chicken, one of THE very best reasons for going there! Smile

That’s it for today. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Great day. A lot "chores" out of the way. I like that. You sure are right about Mother Nature being peeved at the whole country it seems....tornados, floods, wild fires.

    We've never had a Costco near us so I have no idea but guess I'd better check one out if I run into one. Anything worth going to another state to do must be worth it. :-))


  2. Love the ferry ride. Bill and I traveled up the east coast all the way to Newfoundland and tried to ride the ferries as often as possible. Just a nice relaxing way to travel in the Van:o))


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