Saturday, June 18, 2011

Niagara Falls

Several years ago we stopped to see Niagara Falls on our way through to another destination. On that trip, we parked on the street and viewed the Falls from the sidewalk. We were not impressed. We were expecting more. Everything was dirty, there was litter everywhere, it was not what we expected and we were very disappointed.

Fast forward several years (at least 20). Today, we made our second trip to Niagara Falls. This time we parked in a municipal lot, got a map and entered through the state park. What a difference! Not only did we see the Falls, we enjoyed the very beautiful park itself. It’s spectacular!


I tried to get a few different angles. All these shots are from the US side. We didn’t realize, until we were almost there, that we had forgotten to bring our passports with us Sad smile That would have allowed us to cross to the Canadian side where I could have gotten even more pictures! Smile




In the summer, approximately 675,000 gallons of water go over the Falls every single second. That just blows my mind.


We took a tour, partially by trolley and partially by foot via the walking trails.


It was a hot, sticky day and the mist from the falls would have felt wonderful. Unfortunately, the lines were very long, as shown below,  for any of the activities that would have gotten you up close and personal, so we just kept going. Smile


We toured Goat Island and the 3 Sisters Islands. Everywhere you looked, there was gorgeous water views!




We are so glad we came back for visit #2. It definitely changed our previous opinion of Niagara Falls.

Did you know that Niagara State Park is the oldest state park in the United States?

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there Smile


  1. Wow, that's a lot of water!! Excuse me...I have to go potty...

  2. Beautiful photos!!

    Isn't it grand to have the time to really explore things and not have to rush along because you only have a 2 week vacation to see as much as possible;o))

  3. Good thing you didn't cross over without your passports ... dad did that back in the 50s when you didn't have to show a passport crossing over but needed to when crossing back into the US ... the only way he was allowed back in was to have the Administrator of the hospital where he was doing his residency near Boston call and vouch for him. No amount of vouching would solve the problem of no passport today.

    As beautiful and impressive as the falls are from the US side, they are even more spectacular from the Canadian side, so I hope you get a chance to cross over and see them from that perspective on another occasion. And if you do one of those up close and personal encounters, keep you camera safe ... putting it under the poncho doesn't cut it ... the humidity and mist are camera-killers.

  4. Everything looks better when you can take it slow.

  5. I'm so glad you went. What a wondrous beauty!. It's great on the Canadian side, but either is fabulous.

  6. Loved seeing the falls from the US side. I am also glad we were then in September of last year, since there were no terribly long lines, at least on the Canadian side. I expected a ho hum tourist experience, and like you, instead found a beautiful park and the tourist experience completely subdued by the magnificence of the falls.

  7. LOVE that water. Glad to see & hear Niagara is a place we would like to go. Great Photos!

    Although I think maybe after school gets started again. Wonder if the lines would be shorter and the air cooler???

  8. We enjoyed the falls a couple of years ago and did the under the waterfalls excursion and the Maid of the Mist boat ride. Pass the soap!

  9. Great pictures! We are planning on being there in a couple of weeks. We stayed there in a hotel a few years ago with a view of the falls and slept with the balcony doors open to hear the falls and see the colored light show at night.

  10. Isn't the amount of water going over the falls awesome! I found it hypnotizing when we visited.'
    Gail, we are about and hour and a half north of the Ohio/Michigan border, about 30 minutes due north of Ann Arbor.

  11. We have yet to visit Niagra Falls! Great shots you've made there. You make me want to go on vacation too!!


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