Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lucy Got Her Feet Weighed and More Friends and Food

Sunday morning, I crawled out of bed around 8:00, found my way to the coffee pot, poured a cup and fired up the netbook.The trains were really rocking Goshen that morning. There are approximately 84 trains that go through Goshen each 24 hours. Crazy huh? On Sunday, I think 80 of them did the run between 8:00 and 10:00 Smile  I usually read my mail and blogs in the morning while I have my coffee. This morning, there was an email from Howard and Linda asking if any of us in the area were interested in Happy Hour and a cook out later in the day. Well, sure! That sounds like fun!  So, the plan was made for everyone to show up about 5:00 with their choice of beverage and whatever else they wanted to share.  We had some  brats and buns in the freezer and I had the makings for a salad so we were all set.

I did a Walmart run after brunch to return a Redbox movie. It took us until a couple months ago to realize what a wonderful thing Redbox was! Wow! I have now officially seen more movies in the last 6 weeks than I’ve seen in the last 6 years! Pathetic, isn’t it?

While at Walmart, I grabbed some tortilla chips and salsa to take to the cookout as well as a bottle of wine for Happy Hour Smile I got to the checkout where the very nice lady said, “I’m sorry Ma’am, you can’t buy alcohol in Indiana on Sunday”. To which I said, “Wow! I come from the southern bible belt and even we can buy wine after noon on Sunday”. It wasn’t a very persuasive argument, apparently, and I left and she had my wine Sad smile Oh well, luckily, we had a bottle at home Smile

Later that day, we loaded the food, wine and our grill (for extra grilling space) and headed for Howard and Linda’s. We had a really nice group of people, Howard and Linda, Jim and Chris, Kathy and Ken, Robin and Kevin and Rick and I. A good time was had by all Smile


Howard, Rick and Kathy


Kevin, Robin and Ken


Linda and Chris


Kevin and Robin


Our cooks, Howard and Rick


Kevin and Robin brought dessert. The cake said “Dreams and Geeks”.

The next morning, Monday, we got up preparing to leave. But it was raining. The weather radar showed some nasty storms to the west of us-the direction we were headed-so we stayed another day Smile 

We still broke camp and met Howard and Linda for Lucy’s weigh in at 9:30. I am very pleased to announce that Lucy is doing quite well Smile Howard actually said that she was as well balanced as any he has weighed. Yay! That’s not to say we don’t have to do a little shifting, but it’s really just a little. I was concerned about our passenger rear corner. That’s where the W/D is located and also the freezer. We do have a little more weight on that corner than the opposing but now that it’s confirmed and we know what we’re looking at, we can shift cargo to even things out. And, it was no where as big a difference as I was afraid it might be Smile I’d have some pictures of the weighing, but I was told to get back in the rig!!! I had forgotten I had to be in there…I was part of the weight! Smile

We left Goshen this morning and are now in North Utica, Illinois. We are just here overnight, but  Hickory Hollow Campground is a very nice place and we’d definitely come back again.

That’s all I’ve got for this evening. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Looks like you guys had lots of moments to enjoy!

  2. Glad to hear Lucy is watching her girlish figure;o))

    Really nice to know you are traveling safely. We have learn so much we did not know about safety from all the RV-Dreams Family!!

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails.....

  3. More time with a good group of friends. Now that's fun! It is strange how alcohol laws are so different in different places. Stay safe.

  4. Food and fellowship -- always a winning combination!

    Kudos to Lucy.

  5. Sounds like Lucky is all set! I really want to get all 4 weighed so I know how to shift things. Hope we'll run into Howard and Linda at some point so we can.

    Glad to hear you all had such a great time. Sounds like wonderful food.


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