Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Family Visit in Plattsburgh, New York

Last Thursday, June 1st, we made the remaining trek to Plattsburgh. We had spent a couple of nights in Schenectady after leaving Endicott, but that stop was mostly to dry out and do the laundry Smile Once that was accomplished, we headed up I-87 to the NE corner of NY State. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful drive.
This area of New York is breathtakingly beautiful with both Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks in your back yard.
Our destination was the Iroquois Campground in Peru, NY. This campground is located just south of Plattsburgh and makes a very nice base camp for us while we are here. The owners are very nice and the campground very well maintained.

There are plenty of places to walk plus a small pond for paddle boating. The pond is not being used currently. This area has also seen more than it’s fair share of rain, so the pond had to be partially drained to keep part of the campground from flooding. It doesn’t seem to bother the 2 resident families that live on it though. The each have 6 babies and seem to enjoy each others company Smile
There is a covered walking bridge over one end of the pond.

And here is Lucy in her site SmileShe has a nice end-of-row pull thru and a couple big trees for shade. (obviously Lucy is much further down on this post, but Blogger and I have been butting heads all afternoon and I have now given up!)
This has been a very laid back, peaceful time for us. We had Rick’s mom, Denise, and his brother, Jean-Luc and S-I-L Linda over to see Lucy on Saturday. Rick grilled burgers, Linda brought a salmon pasta salad and Denise made lemon bars. Add chips, veggies and melon and we were good to go!
Here is Denise
From L-R, Jean-Luc, Rick, Linda, Denise
After dinner, we  made a fire and roasted marshmallows Smile
Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the marshmallow roasting or the other food, for that matter, so here is my customary picture of Rick in the yard, but NOT in his chair for a change!
He makes a mean fire, doesn’t he? Smile
That’s it for today. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. You are staying about 15 minutes from where I grew up in AuSable Forks. :) It definitely is a beautiful area to visit - have a great time!!

  2. I envy the picture of everyone sitting outside in long sleeves as the temps here will average in the mid 90's this week! Enjoy!

  3. What a pretty campground? It looks so cool and peaceful:o))

    Enjoy your visit with family!

  4. The covered bridge is very nice. I feel like you are doing a lot of leg work for our trip thorough NY later this summer :) Thanks!

  5. Lucy looks great in her site. Seems the perfect play to enjoy your family. I know you are doing just that.


  6. can you make that PLACE to enjoy your family? Hmmmm someone needs to proofread BEFORE she hits the go switch.

  7. I'm thinking the same thing with long sleeves. We're not THAT far away it's it's HOT. Have fun. We move again in the morning.

  8. Looks like you're having a great time! Sorry we keep missing each other online!


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