Friday, June 17, 2011

Buffalo, NY

Thank you for all the nice comments left about Lucy and our breakdown. It was a little stressful but nothing major. We didn’t have to be anywhere. We were comfortable the entire time, in our own home, our own bed.  In other words, it was a minor, although expensive, inconvenience :) Oh well. Seriously, the worst part for me was not being able to use our aircard :) We were less than 1/2 mile from the Quebec border and I was scared I’d connect to a Canadian cell tower and make our little adventure more expensive! They had free wifi the first night we were there, but it went down after that and we never were able to connect again. The first thing I did after we were back on the road and about 10 miles from the border was to fire up the laptop! I have little problem with no TV, but I struggle with no internet :)

We drove as far as Herkimer NY once we were back on the road Wednesday. We stayed overnight at the Herkimer Diamond KOA. This is a very nice park; a little pricey, but very nice. It ran $47 a night which is not particularly out of line for this part of the country. It’s just higher than we’d prefer to pay.

Thursday, we continued on to the Buffalo area. We are staying at Colden Lakes Resort in Colden through the weekend. This is a nice park also. Our area  of the park is newly developed  so it’s pretty wide open with not much ambiance, but it’s a nice level site. The thing that won me over is the fact that  they have a most wonderful restaurant/bar on premises! We ate there last night and again today. The food was excellent and reasonable. What more could you ask for?

Today we had a very special visitor. My friend Marcie lives here and has for most of her life. She took a break for a few years and moved to Houston which is where we met. She became a very good and special friend and was my maid of honor when Rick and I married in 1985. She left and moved back to Buffalo around 1989. We left and moved to NC in 1992. We hadn’t seen each other in all those years until today.  We connected on Facebook  a year of so ago, so I contacted her when I knew we’d be coming through and she drove out to meet us. We pretty much spent the day together talking about old times, old friends and “what were we thinking?” experiences :) Believe it or not, we did some pretty dumb things in our younger  years :) Shhh! Don’t tell our kids!

Thanks, Marcie, for driving out here and reminiscing with us…it was wonderful and I do hope we can do it again, sooner rather than later :)

Marcie and GailIMGP2863 (Small)

Tomorrow we plan to visit Niagara Falls. It’ll be our second visit there but it’s been many years, so let’s see what we think on visit #2 :)   Thanks for stopping by!


  1. How wonderful that you got to see Marci!!! I remember her very fondly :)
    I'm glad you got Lucy fixed!
    So....what crazy things did you do back then anyway...haha!!

  2. Always great to be able see friends along the road. We know hoe frustrating lack of internet can be. Just a short time ago we were in some kind of black hole for what seemed like forever.

  3. It is always great to connect with old friends. It is funny how addicted we all are to the internet.

  4. It's always interesting to go back to some place you've been years earlier and see how much it's changed. I'm with you. I watch virtually no TV but take away my internet and keep me from reading blogs and I'm into withdrawl.

  5. It's always nice to catch up with old friends and re-live the good times.


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