Friday, May 13, 2011

When NOT to go to Hershey PA :)

Well, here we are at Dogwood Acres in Pennsylvania. As private parks go, this one is pretty nice. The owners are very friendly and go out of their way to help you. They even arm you with all kinds of maps and excursion info every time you go into the office :)  This is a very nice Passport America Park and if in the area, I encourage you to call ahead and not do what we did.  Which was just show up on a Tuesday afternoon assuming they would have an opening because 1) it was the middle of the week and 2) it was early in the season. This is a very busy place and if, like us, you need 50 amps to run efficiently, it is even more important that you call ahead. They only have 9 sites with 50 amp. We were very lucky that they could fit us in.

Now, I don’t know what Ronald is doing sitting on that bench, nor do I know what Hamburglar and some of the other Mickey D’s  playground characters are doing in their playground, but my guess is they bought some of the “inventory” from a closed Mickey D’s.

IMGP2506 IMGP2501 IMGP2502 IMGP2503 IMGP2504 IMGP2505

Thinking that the middle of the week would be a good choice for an excursion, we headed for Hershey on Thursday. What we didn’t anticipate, and hadn’t paid attention to for many years, was the end of the school year :)  We got lost in the jungle of school buses coming in from all directions to Hershey, PA! I swear, every school district in PA sent their kids to Hershey for their end of the year trip on this day! Now, I like kids, a lot. Especially if they happen to be my grandkids :) BUT, these were none of the above and there was hundreds of them and they were having a great (read: noisy) time!

IMGP2530 IMGP2513 IMGP2514 IMGP2518 IMGP2526 IMGP2529

I do have to admit that, aside from the fact it was school trip day, I was very disappointed in the tour. First of all, I wanted to participate in a true factory tour. Hershey offers a simulated tour where you ride through a simulated factory with taped audio. Besides the fact that the audio was drowned out by all the excited kids, it was just a glossy make believe story of “once upon a Hershey time”.

The entire experience was geared to kids and I guess, if I had done my homework, I would have known that. Oh well, live and learn :) We did get a free sample of Hershey’s chocolate upon completion of the tour :)  They had a gift shop that was unbelievable! You could buy any Hershey’s candy in any size in any quantity you wanted :)  Lucky for us, we planned to spend the day out and about, so any purchases would have melted. Good thing for us, we didn’t make any purchases :)

We took the scenic tour back and I snapped a few pictures. This area is mostly agricultural and reminded me of my home in Wisconsin. It was a bit hillier, but otherwise very similar.

IMGP2534 IMGP2535 IMGP2538 IMGP2532

We concluded our day with a late lunch at Olive Garden. I had the all you can eat salad, bread sticks and soup. Rick had the traditional lasagna. Both were very, very good and made for another one of those late lunch/no dinner days :) Yay! :) If I could figure out a way to only eat once a day and not have to cook that one, I’d be very happy :)

Next up: a visit to Gettysburg… Thanks for stopping by today. Have a nice weekend.


  1. Hi Gail,
    I just love that area of Pennsylvania. We usually stay over on the east side of Lancaster though when we visit. Gettysburg is awesome, I highly recommend the car audio tour if they still have them.

  2. That's a pretty area, but Hershey Park and tour leave much to be desired... We loved Gettysburg and found it very inspiring!

  3. I really want to go to Gettysburg - looking forward to seeing your post about your visit there. :)

  4. We once happened to be at the Washington DC Zoo on the same week day that many grade school classes were taking a field trip. I have no idea why that thought had never occurred to us, but wow. . .

  5. Thanks for the reminder about Hershey and the school group tours. I love kids too, in small numbers. :-)


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