Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We Finally Got Weighed!

Hooray! We finally weighed Lucy so we know, for sure, we’re not overweight and we know, for sure, how much air to really put in these tires! Yay!

You’d think that would have been one of the first things we did, but we never  had a chance, at the right opportunity. Finally, it happened. Before we pulled out of NC, we stopped at a Chex Truck Stop for diesel and they had scales, so we went for it. I had to chuckle at one of the truckers behind me in line to pay. He peered over my shoulder, saw 31800 and said “that’s a light weight rig”! My rig weighs 5000 lbs more than that empty! I just smiled and said “that’s easy for you to say :)”  There is no way I feel we are ‘light weight’ but I guess to the professional drivers, we are just that! Our waste tanks were empty, we had about 15 gallons in the fresh water tank (which is all we ever travel with) and we had a full tank of diesel-150 gallons. We had our front axle and our rear axle weighed. Ideally, we want all 4 corners weighed so we can “balance” our load. That will come later. Right now, it’s just nice to know what our tire pressure should really be! And, boy, it’s nice to know that we didn’t bring too much “stuff” with us! :) Our maximum weight is 32000 pounds. We weighed in at 31800. Granted, that’s not a big cushion, but it is a cushion. The full tank of diesel goes down quickly too so we should be fine. We are a bit off for the axles. Our front axle is rated at 12000 lbs. It weighed 11720. Our rear is rated at 20000. It weighed 20080. We need to redistribute at least 80 lbs to the front. It’s probably the food I have in the freezer  in our closet :)  Our freezer lives in the bedroom closet because if we put it in the basement bay area we can’t open it if the slides are out. That just doesn’t seem convenient to bring the slides in just to get dinner out of the freezer :)  (There isn’t room to clear the top-opening storage doors) If anyone has experience with this, we’re  sure open to suggestions :)

We pulled into Small Country RV Park in Louisa, VA Tuesday afternoon. This is a very nice area of Virginia located between Richmond and Charlottesville just north of I-64. There is a lot of history in this area. There are apparently also a lot of wineries to explore and taste :)  Maybe we will extend our stay :)

Until next time, stay safe.


  1. Woo Hoo, glad to hear Lucy doesn't have to go on a diet ;o))

  2. It sounds like Lucy is just right. If the fuel tank is near the rear, that may account for that extra weight, and like you said, that will quickly decrease. Safe travels.

  3. 200 pounds to go:) That is close. We have have had it weighted several times and we are still about 1800 under max. I keep telling Anneke that this is not a challenge!

  4. glad i read your blog today as we are headed to Spartanburg next Tuesday and didn't know about Freightliner U - will check into it.. we too haven't weighed yet but need too which Chex did you stop at?

  5. RV and diets just don't jive lol... Your in my favorite part of the country... Looking forward to all the pictures coming soon on your blog!!


  6. Heyduke50,

    The Chex we were at was at exit 220 on I-85 up by Henderson. I don't know if they have other locations or not.

  7. Good job on the weights. I'm sure that's a welcome relief. Weighing in is also on our "to do" list.

  8. I may have to break down and do it. Even though I think ignorance may be bliss, in this case:)

  9. Interesting, John and I have never thought of weighing The Jazz. We do try to keep things light though.

  10. We had nearly the exact same experience you had when we got weighed. Wonder if it's a conspiracy?? :-)))))

    We were about 200 pounds under and it was all in our big rear end. We've tried to move some weight forward as well but we can't use our freezer as an excuse.

    We are from Charlotttesville and as far as I know there are no RV campgrounds around but a KOA and a Jellystone. I know Louisa but not the campground. Hope you'll post some pictures.

    Happy to advise about things to see and do in the area if you like. We lived there for 30 years.


  11. We have 07 40QSP that has a 14600lb front axle and I try to keep it around 12000lbs Last time on scales I had 12440 steering and 19980 on rear.Also had it weighed with 4 wheel load cells and both sides were pretty even. Enjoy your bus and drive with care. First time viewing your blog and it is very nice. Keep up the good work. Will be back, Rob


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