Sunday, May 8, 2011

Virginian Hospitality

 As we were planning our trip north, we chose a Passport America Campground to try in Louisa VA. Our friends, Mike and Terri,  have a home (for sale/contract pending :) ) in the Richmond VA area. As we were reading Mike & Terri’s blog one day, they mentioned staying at the Small Country Campground IMGP2416 in Louisa on their way back to Richmond from the rally. This was the same campground we were intending to try, so I dropped them a note to see what they thought of it. That led to a get together here at Small Country on Thursday afternoon.

A few photos of the campground. We are in  the wooded area you see below, but they also have the open areas for people that want to use their own satellite or antenna or just don’t like being under trees. As a PA Park, we got a 50% discount on our site and it included full hookups plus free wifi and free Direct TV (we had to leave a refundable deposit for the box)
IMGP2415 IMGP2411 IMGP2412 IMGP2413 
It was great seeing Mike & Terri again. We shared a few laughs, telling stories of adventures and misadventures :)  We hope to run into them again, somewhere down the road and we send our best wishes that their house contract closes very soon.
The first day we were here, we had to run into town to the post office, so we stopped at the Louisa Museum to have a look. This area has a lot of Civil War History and the museum, although small, was quite interesting. We picked up a few brochures to leaf through to help plan our time here.

One of the brochures was on the Monticello Wine Trail. I hadn’t realized how popular wine making was in Virginia, but there are hundreds of wineries scattered all over the state and Virginia is ranked 5th in wine production nationally. While the Monticello Wine Trail was intriguing, there are 23 wineries on that trail and we’d have to stay here much longer than we had planned to complete that trail :) 

Instead, we chose the Heart of Virginia Wine Trail which only has 4 wineries.  That was a little more our speed…and pocketbook :)  The wineries are located in Glen Allen, VA (James River Cellars), Gum Spring, VA (Grayhaven), Louisa, VA (Cooper Vineyards) and Spotsylvania, VA (Lake Anna Winery).
Shortly after lunch on Saturday we left to visit the first 2, James River and Grayhaven. It was a beautiful day for a ride in the country and a beautiful day for a walk through a vineyard.
IMGP2423IMGP2421  IMGP2424 IMGP2425 IMGP2417 IMGP2418 IMGP2419 IMGP2420
As it turned out, they were a greater distance apart than we had first thought, so it took the entire afternoon. That was OK. We tasted some really nice wines and we tasted some that were just so-so. Two wineries down, two to go. I think it’ll be a nice way to spend Mother’s Day afternoon :)

Saturday evening Small Country had a combo Cinco de Mayo/Mother’s Day    all-you-can-eat chili feed. They had chili and all the fixin’s plus hotdogs, chips, cheese dip and salsa plus cake for dessert. It was just OK but after our afternoon wine-ing it, it was nice to come home and have dinner ready :)

We’ll be here for a couple more days before moving on. Monday, we have tickets to tour Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home, in Charlottesville. I’ll post more about that later.

Until next time, have a wonderful Sunday and thanks for stopping by.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!!


  1. Nice to hear about places within a reasonable driving distance to us ... we're going to try and fit in a couple of long weekends this year while we make strides towards full timing.

    Have a great time at Monticello ... our last visit was in February 2010 ... managed to walk to the Jefferson family cemetery after the house tour, but the grounds were otherwise covered with snow. I bet it's beautiful during the spring when everything is in bloom. Lunch at nearby Michie Tavern might be s.t. to think about too.

  2. We're so happy you passed through our neck of the woods affording us the opportunity to visit with you. It was great seeing you again! Hope you had an enjoyable Mother's Day touring the other wineries.

    We look forward to meeting up with you again sometime. Until then, happy trails.

  3. I so love meet and greets... So glad it worked out well for you guys and enjoyed the time together!! RV friends are the best...

    Happy Mother's Day!!

  4. Glad to hear you are enjoying central Virginia. Monticello is wonderful both inside and outside. Great gardens and lots of historic detail. Jefferson kept books on EVERYTHING so no problem in returning things to his way of thinking.

    I used to work at UVA in Charlottesville which he designed and founded. Nice free tour there as well.



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