Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Saying Good Bye to Pennsylvania and New Friends

Before I start this post I want to say “Welcome home, honey” to our youngest daughter, Nicole. She arrived back in the states yesterday after spending the last several months studying in Florence, Italy. She will be here for the summer before returning for another year of studies. Although we’ve been in touch, it will be a few weeks before we connect and see each other. Just knowing she’s on this side of the pond makes it feel like she’s close by :)

We pulled out of Beacon Hill in Intercourse, PA at 9:50 this morning. Our next stop will be Pine Valley Campground in Endicott, NY. While Rick is driving through construction areas, I’m working on this post to keep my mind occupied so I’m not paying attention to how much lane we don’t have next to these concrete barriers :)

Sunday morning, we met new friends Nancy and Neil for a breakfast brunch at Hershey Farms Restaurant in Ronks, PA. Nancy and Neil live in Lancaster County and had attended the RV-Dreams rally back in April. Unfortunately, we never met during the rally! It was because Nancy follows this blog that she got in touch with us and we got together. We had a wonderful time visiting. Nancy and Neil are future full timers. They have a house to sell first but they’ll be there before they know it. They are long time campers and have always loved the lifestyle. We took pictures outside the restaurant next to the Amish wagon.

Neil and Nancy   IMGP2674      Rick and Gail    IMGP2672b     
Monday, we took a drive up to Manheim for lunch. Nancy works at a really neat restaurant housed in a very old building. It was reminiscent of an old speakeasy. The restaurant was the Cat’s Meow. I took pictures of the building but forgot pictures of our food which was excellent and the service was second to none :)  Rick had a burger and fries. I had the chicken quesadillas. Yum! In the pictures below, note the bathtub in the bar. It’s an original claw foot tub that they use to hold the liquor bottles and beer taps.

IMGP2692 IMGP2687 IMGP2688 IMGP2689 IMGP2690 IMGP2691

After hugs and a “see you down the road” we headed home to finish up the laundry. Our next site at Pine Valley Campground only has water and electric so I wanted to be sure we arrived with clean clothes. No clothes washing without a sewer hookup. We’d fill our gray tank in no time. I believe this campground does have sewer hookup sites, but we got their last available site and this one doesn’t have it. We are just grateful to have a place to stay this week. Memorial weekend is a VERY popular holiday with campers.

On our last evening in PA, our across the road neighbors, Joe and Linda, invited us over for some good wine and some good conversation. It was a very nice way to end our week at Beacon Hill and we had a very nice time. Thank you Joe and Linda! We hope to meet you down the road again one day.

As I’ve worked on this post, Rick has brought us all the way into NY and we are very close to the campground. That is my cue to pay attention and start navigating :) Until next time, thanks for stopping  by.


  1. Welcome home to your daughter!

    Sounds like a fun week with new friends. RVers are the best!

  2. Nancy and Neil were our neighbors at the Rally! Great people and I hope they find their way into this life soon! When we stay in that area we always eat at Miller's Smorgasboard...it's been a favorite of ours since the early
    80's :-). Can't wait to see where you're headed to in NY...sorry about the roads :-(.

  3. On Monday we're following your trails. How fun this is, to have someone just ahead of us.

    Welcome home to your daughter, that's a great feeling to have her in the states. Stay safe.

  4. Looks like such fun Mom! Love that picture of you and Rick too ;)

  5. Your method of travel is just like mine. Try not to look until we get close enough to need directions "into" the campground. I had to smile when I read it.

    You must be really excited to see your daughter Nicole soon. Interesting that we both have daughter's named Carrie and spelled "the right way". :-)



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