Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rhubarb Festival, Fresh Bread and Finally the Sun

It rained throughout the night Thursday and all morning Friday, so when it stopped around noon we took advantage of the lull and walked over to the Rhubarb Festival at Kitchen Kettle Village. We braved the busy road this time and walked on the edge of the road single file to get into town. The whole walk is maybe 1/2 mile, but there is no shoulder and people drive on it like maniacs! The speed limit is 35 but the only time you see anything close to 35 is when an Amish buggy passes you! Several times, we stepped onto someone's property to get out of the way. It’s such a nice pretty walk, it’s a shame that it’s so dangerous.

When we arrived at Kitchen Kettle, the whoopie pie filling contest was in progress. IMGP2654Whoopie  pies are famous in the area and consist of 2 round cake pieces with frosting filling between them. I guess they’d be similar to a moon pie but not chocolate covered and thicker. They taste pretty good but they sure are sweet! The object of this contest was the first person to put together 6 whoopie pies and get them packaged wins. There was a lot of frosting flying around that table! The guy in the pink shirt with his back to us above won.

We even had live entertainment! This is the David Wilson German Band. IMGP2656

I kept waiting for them to break out into the Beer Barrel Polka but there is no alcohol here so that probably wasn’t going to happen Smile

We wandered around looking at some to the things for sale. It’s a good thing we live in an RV and can’t drag around all that stuff or some of it would have ended up going home with me.


Finally, I found what I had been looking for…IMGP2668and I make it into this. We had it warm with vanilla ice cream that evening. IMGP2670

Once I found the fresh rhubarb, we braved the road again and headed home so I could start baking. I don’t do it often and when I get the urge, I want to do it right now or the urge will go away Smile

While the rhubarb crisp was in the oven, there was a knock at our door. Two young Amish boys were pulling around a wagon selling fresh baked bread. Well, it still smelled fresh out of the oven so how could I resist? I bought 2 loaves Smile We enjoyed a nice warm slice with dinner.

The baked goods in this area are excellent. Saturday morning we each had a cinnamon roll made by the Bird-in-Hand bakery and I have to rate it right up there with the cinnamon rolls my mom used to make. I always thought she made the best but these even rival hers (sorry, Mom). Of course, there is probably 1000 calories in each one! Good thing we are leaving next week. These things are just too tempting.

Saturday was the first day since we arrived where it didn’t rain, the sun was out all day and it was beautiful. Because we had done so many things in the rain this week, we stayed home today and just enjoyed the weather. Here is my latest picture of Rick sitting in his chair. He was loving being out there again.IMGP2671

Tomorrow morning we are meeting new friends for a breakfast buffet. Yup, more eating!

Until next time, thanks for stopping by.


  1. I haven't had rhubarb in forever. Your rhubarb crisp looks yummy!

  2. Oh yeah! I agree with the above! I haven't had rhubarb since I left my parents in 1968.

  3. You're killing me here with rhubarb crisps and cinnamon rolls.
    I'm dying for a good bakery.
    Forge on in my stead and I'll just drool at your pictures.



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