Friday, May 27, 2011

Endicott, New York

We arrived at Pine Valley Campground  in Endicott, NY Tuesday afternoon and got settled into space C87. IMGP2703 Notice the tire ruts in this picture-just from backing in. Endicott is just to the west of Binghamton. This is a nice campground that has suffered from excessive rainfall all spring making everything wet, muddy, muggy and buggy.  Wednesday, the day after we arrived, was the first day in 6 weeks that it didn’t rain. Of course, that only lasted until after dark. Then, it rained most of the night. The owners were trying very hard to have this place ready for the holiday weekend but in some cases, just had to close off sections because it’s too wet to even get in. They said they turned away many reservations because of this. With most of their sites wooded, even when the sun shines, there’s no drying between rains. They do have several sites in the open around a little lake but they are grass sites so I imagine they, too, will be mud after the weekend and all the traffic on them. IMGP2709 IMGP2697 IMGP2699 IMGP2704 IMGP2705 IMGP2707 IMGP2708

This is a small community with a very nice Rails to Trails trail about 4 miles from Pine Valley. We discovered this trail on Wednesday while we were out looking for the post office. A little research showed that it was a 2.1 mile paved trail so we thought we’d check it out on Thursday. It seems so long since we’ve gotten any decent exercise-no ones fault but our own :) We walked the trail on Thursday making it a total of 4.2 miles round trip. It was paved, straight and flat. Not entirely exciting, but a nice walking surface for me. Since I broke my leg last year, I’ve found that flat surfaces are much easier for me to maneuver. Uneven ground still gives me a problem but nothing I won’t tackle. I’ve recently invested in a couple of good walking poles for those types of hikes but haven’t used them yet. So here’s the flat, straight trail  complete with some wild flowers  and the old train depot :)IMGP2721


IMGP2717 IMGP2718 IMGP2719 IMGP2720

That was so much fun we did it again today. Actually, I walked it and Rick did it on his Trikke…twice. He did 8.4 miles to my 4.2 and in less time. Oh well, I think it’s best I keep both feet on the ground for awhile :)

So, after a nice afternoon nap, we had a light dinner and are watching the rain and the radar for our evening entertainment :) More storms, more watches and warnings :(

Until next time, thanks for stopping by.


  1. Looks like a lovely campground ... too bad about the soggy conditions.

  2. The campground looks lovely. Having a rails to trails nearby would be a bonus for us, as we search them out to ride our bikes on.

  3. We are planning on spending some time in New York state this summer. Looks like a nice campground, but soggy conditions always makes me think of tow trucks. Not so found of those.

  4. I hope it dries out before we get there. The reservations have already been made. Thanks for the pictures.

  5. Love rails to trails! Especially FLAT ones.
    Hope you guys bring the area a respite from the rain. But I'd sure like to have some out here in N.M.



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