Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dab Smack in the Middle of Amish Country

Tuesday, between the rains, we moved 90 miles east to Lancaster County, PA. What a beautiful community! This is Pennsylvania Dutch country with the countryside covered with Amish and Mennonite farms.  Lancaster county has one of the highest concentrations of Amish and Mennonites in the country. There are several quaint little towns, all very close to each other, with some pretty interesting names. We have Intercourse (where we are staying), Bird-in-Hand, Ronks, Blue Ball,  Lititz, Paradise, Mount Joy and more. I’m sure there is a story behind some of these names, but I haven’t gotten that far yet :)

We are staying at Beacon Hill Campground, a beautiful place surrounded by farms yet within walking distance to town. Here is our view from the front.

 IMGP2620 IMGP2619

Rear View:


Our site:


The owners did an excellent job of cutting these sites into a hill and making them level.

Now that you know where we are, we are off to explore!

See you next time and thanks for stopping by.


  1. We love that area. we stayed in that campground and really enjoyed watching the farm family behind us working the fields.

  2. That campground looks like a great place to stay! I have added it to my campground folder - hopefully we will get there next year. :)

  3. We love the Amish area around Lancaster. You can't beat the jams and jellies at Kitchen Kettle Village...which reminds me, I need to place an order :-). Enjoy scouting around the area, and if you like cheese, I think there's still the Lancaster Cheese factory near Intercourse...oh, and good sauces for BBQ and meats at Stoltfuz's market in Intercourse...oh, I'm getting hungry :-).

  4. We just found this camping area and getting reservations for after the holiday. We're in Virginia at the moment at the Richmond North KOA. We're on the way North. Maybe we'll be meeting along the way.

  5. We too love the area. I know you'll eat at the Shady Maple Restaurant at least once. Have fun!

  6. Great pictures of your site. I love the patio!!

    You are going to be doing some gooood eatin' there.



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