Thursday, April 21, 2011

We Survived Camp Freightliner!

Tuesday morning, after saying good bye to our remaining friends and neighbors, we pulled out of River Plantation RV Park in Sevierville, TN and headed for Gaffney, SC. It was a beautiful and uneventful drive and we pulled into the KOA at 1:40 PM making the trip in 3.5 hours. We will be here for 3 nights to  attend Camp Freightliner on Wednesday and Thursday.


Camp Freightliner is offered at the Gaffney Freightliner location to anyone that wants to learn all about their motorhome. If your motorhome was built on a Freightliner Chassis, it was built in Gaffney. They are the only Freightliner facility in the world that makes motorhome chassis. It’s a 2 day training session covering the air brake system, electrical system, maintenance intervals, weight distribution and a multitude of other things.


We had to be ready by 7:30 AM Wednesday as they were coming by the campground to pick us up. It’s been a long time since I had to be out and about that early :) I don’t think I’ll make a habit out of it either :)  Anyhow, our first day was absolutely filled with information and we were given additional resources that we’ll always be able to use when we need help. There were 14 of us and it turned out that there was another couple with our names to confuse things :) Actually they were Gayle (instead of Gail) and Rick. The funny part was that their last name started with an H too, they were full timers domiciling out of South Dakota too and we both had Tiffin motorhomes! It was too funny and very confusing to our instructor but he finally started calling on us by the color of our shirts or the size of our engine :) Class lasted until 4:30 with a half hour lunch. Whew! They supplied lunch and we also returned at 5:30 for dinner-on them too-very good :)  We were back home by 7:00, watched a little TV and headed to bed. Thursday was going to be at least as long.

Thursday morning sure did come early.  Mike, our instructor, packed enough info into Day 2 of our class that we all had information overload.

IMGP2359 IMGP2358

We learned about our engine brakes, our tires, our airbags, our air dyer, our onboard computer message center, our engines, our transmissions, how to properly drive up and down mountains and steep grades and more.  I’m pretty brain dead right now :) We finished up at 5:30 PM. All in all, it was an excellent class and we both feel it was well worth the money.

Friday morning we’ll be leaving Gaffney and heading for Jordan Lake back in North Carolina. We’ll be there for a week or so visiting with friends and tending to dental appointments etc. It’ll be nice going back home for a few days.

I have to leave you with a couple photos of the Gaffney water tower. It’s a peach representing the peach capital of South Carolina. The locals tell the story about the tower being built and they weren’t quite sure what to make of it. At first, it didn’t have the leaf or any of the shading to make it look like a peach. What it did have was the crease down the side with a little mottling and was thought to more accurately depict a baby’s bottom with diaper rash! It was only after the additional shading and the placement  of the leaf that it began to more resemble the peach. What do you think?

IMGP2371 IMGP2366 IMGP2368


  1. The Gaffney Peach brought back many memories of monthly trips to Greenville Shiners Hospital when my daughter was a child. She would get all excited because she knew it was just another hour until we got there. We past that peach hundred's of times!!

  2. Glad to hear it was a great class. We have wanted to do this for a long time, but somehow never got around to it. Maybe this year :)

  3. Sounds like a good class but my brain would be overloaded for sure. It's right down Gin's alley though.
    I like unusual water towers. I'm glad they added the leaf and paint. I'm sorry we won't be able to get together while y'all are at Lake Jordan. It's a busy time between work and yard sale and house prep.

  4. Hello! I wanted to welcome you to Hitch Itch. We are also on there as well Jorge and Evielynne. Couldn't think of better class to take... Again Welcomed!!
    Happy Easter!!

  5. Sounds like a huge amount of really important information. Sure wish Workhorse would do that. I'd go.......or maybe I'd send David. He and Gin could go together. They are totally in techsync. I'll go hiking with Syl.


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