Sunday, April 3, 2011

Time Is Flying Here In Nashville!

It’s hard to believe it’s been over a week since we arrived in Nashville to spend some time with family. Daughter Carrie, SIL Thomas and the 4 grandkids, Lily, Patrick, Maggie and Sabrina have all been entertaining us Smile

Life with children seems much more hectic than it was when our kids were young. Or, maybe, my mind is having a senior moment and I don’t remember very well! Winking smile There is something going on every single night of the week. It’s either dance classes or softball practice or something at church or something else altogether! I don’t know how they keep it all straight. On top of that, their house is on the market. It was the perfect size house when they bought it a few years ago, but their family has doubled since that time and they are busting at the seams. I thought it was a pain to keep our house in showing  condition when we sold it last year and there was only 2 of us! Imagine doing it with 4 children! I know they will be so grateful when it is all over.

Here is a snapshot of the kids. This is Lily, 11, the oldest. She just got glasses recently and they look so cute on her. You can’t tell by the picture but they are pink wire rims…very cute Smile

IMGP2187 (Small)

Next, is the tough guy, Patrick, 8. He needs to be tough with 3 sisters! He really, really wants a brother! It think he wants them to adopt a brother though. He doesn’t want to take any chances and end up with 4 sisters! Smile

IMGP2212 (Small)

This is little Miss Maggie, age 5. She’s little but mighty and can keep up with the older kids with little problem.

IMGP2201 (Small)

And, the newest munchkin, Sabrina, 18 months. She’s just starting to talk and everyone is Mom, including her dad Smile

IMGP2207 (Small)

The 2 youngest have a “thing” for their grandpa as you can seeSmile

IMGP2191 (Small)

They climb all over him every chance they get…and he loves every minute of it!

We are currently staying at Seven Points COE Campground on J. Percy Priest Lake. It’s a beautiful campground right in Nashville. It didn’t open until April 1, so we had to spend our first days at Nashville Country RV Park where we had stayed once before. Although it’s nice, it’s too congested for our tastes. They squeeze as many RV’s in there as possible and although they offer free cable and free Wi-Fi along with full hookups, it’s just not us. We prefer a bit more space, a bit more nature and a lot more beauty. I’ll take this any day! The view out our front window:

IMGP2218 (Small)

The back:

IMGP2216 (Small)

And our side yard:

IMGP2219 (Small)

I know I’m always showing pictures of Rick lounging in his chair, but really, he does do other things besides read his Kindle SmileAfter a very cool week last week, which was a shock to our system after 80’s further south, the weather is turning warm again and he’s outside enjoying every minute of it Smile  It’s 78 this afternoon with a nice breeze. Man, this is the life!

We are spending another week here before heading East to Sevierville for  the RV-Dreams Rally. Until next time, thanks for stopping by.


  1. Thanks for the campground recommendation in Nashville. We are heading that west after the rally and this looks like a great place to stay near Nashville.


  2. Looks like it's been a very joyous time. Good to know about the park near Nashville. Almost time for the rally!!

  3. It's so good to see the kiddos; they are getting so BIG! I wish I could be there too. Give Carrie a big, big hug for me. :)

  4. We know what you mean about needing space, nature, and beauty. We much prefer to stay in COE's and state parks.

    Your grandkids are so cute. Have fun with family!

  5. Sounds like a great campground for the area, we will add it to our list.


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