Monday, April 18, 2011

Smoky Mountain National Park

Sunday afternoon we took a drive through part of Smoky Mountain National Park. It was a beautiful day, we put the top down on the Jeep and took off. What a beautiful drive!
There were waterfalls right on the side of the road! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to snap a picture fast enough! But here’s a slightly fuzzy picture of the Little Pigeon River Smile
The scenery was spectacular, the weather beautiful, a perfect day for a drive.
After all that beautiful scenery, we stopped at Five Guys in Pigeon Forge for a late lunch/early supper. I keep reading about all our friends eating at Five Guys so had to try it for ourselves…not too bad! Smile
Once we got home, we took a walk and then settled in for the evening. We watched a little TV, I worked on the photos I had taken over the week, posted a couple blog entries and went to bed. Until next time, thanks for stopping by.


  1. Thanks for the tour of your Motorhome...very nice!!

    We had a blast at the rally and hope to meet you down the road. In the mean time, will be traveling with you through your blog.

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails....

  2. The GSMNP is a favorite of ours-as are our yearly visits to the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge/Seiverville area. And oh yes, we've enjoyed that Five Guys every trip to the area.

  3. It was great to meet you guys at the rally and I hope we can meet again somewhere down the road.

  4. I love the mountains. We rode to Cade's Cove today and the river beside the road was beautiful and so relaxing. Safe travels.

  5. We have a 5 guys here in Bethany Beach....Great burgers and you took some great pics!


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