Thursday, April 28, 2011

North Carolina and S’plain It To Me, Lucy!

We’ve been back in NC for a few days taking care of dental appointments (thanks, Darcy!), visiting with friends, stocking up at my favorite Costco and dodging storms. What is it with this Spring? As I write this, we are under a severe wind warning and tornado watch. 201 people (so far) have lost their lives in the last 36 hours in 6 states next to us. That number is expected to rise. Alabama, the state we spent the most time in this winter, has been devastated. Tuscaloosa, leveled.  Enough already! Our hearts go out to the people that have lost loved ones. Words just seem inadequate right now.

We spent Easter weekend at Jordan Lake, south of the Triangle. We had a very nice site there…long and roomy. Here’s my shot of Rick sitting in his chair ☺


We had a nice Easter. We enjoyed a campfire later in the day, compliments of the people in the next site. IMGP2373They were a father and his 3 kids. They left early that morning and when the ranger came around checking sites, he found they had left a bundle of firewood by the picnic table. Rick was outside (in his chair ☺) and the ranger offered it to him . It had been paid for so he thought someone should use it.  We waited until late in the day, just in case they hadn’t meant to leave it and were coming back to retrieve it. It was a beautiful day and this made it a special evening. The only thing missing was the marshmallows. They are now on the shopping list ☺


Tuesday, after waiting for the rain to stop, we left Crosswinds Campground at Jordan Lake and headed north to Bullocksville Campground at Kerr Lake.  This is another of those state parks right on the water. It’s a nice park but there are only  a few sites that will accommodate a rig our size and the park itself is not entirely big rig friendly. It was a little tight getting into our site but we made it just fine; just very slowly and carefully.  The site itself is plenty long for us and the Jeep and visitors too. It’s the maneuvering around fixed garbage cans and trees that made it a bit more difficult than it should have been. The hookups here are placed at opposite ends of the site. The power is at the far back; very convenient. The water, however, is at the very front right by the street. It’s a good thing we had extra hose as it’s a long stretch to the faucet! Our site backs up to the bath/shower house which, considering the weather, we are grateful. At least if we need to take shelter, we won’t have to go far.


On the drive here, we finally came up with a name for our coach. It seems everyone we know has named their RV, whether it be a motorhome or a 5th wheel. We tried to come up with something in the past but nothing seemed right.

We continue to learn as we go along, some of which can be confusing. We have always looked at the other when one of us didn’t get it and said “S’plain it to me, Lucy” (as only Desi could say it ☺).

Because most of our confusion and education revolves around this motorhome, we’ve even asked her to “s’plain it to me” a few times. It just somehow seemed fitting, as a new member of the family, that we give her that name.

So, we introduce to you, Lucy, our home on wheels. We think it fits.


As you can see, she and Rick get along well ☺

Until next time, thanks for stopping by and please, stay safe.



  1. Love how you came up with Lucy's name! That's really cute.

    The weather this spring has indeed been scary. Stay safe.

  2. I think that's a very good name.
    Next campfire, try coconut marshmallows. We get them at Walmart. They're better if they don't catch fire. Safe travels.

  3. It seems like so many of us have been dodging storms and waiting for the rain to stop...does it stop us though? No! :-).

    Glad you are safe and happy and your sites have been great. It was so nice meeting you and if you are in Michigan this summer, stop by!

  4. Perfect name Mom! You guys have been saying that forever now :)
    Hey...and what's the matter with ya? Why didn't ya just roast some hotdogs on sticks? haha! Love you!! Glad you're safe. We drove through a tornado area apparently and didn't even know it yesterday afternoon....just couldn't see the road thru the rain...definitely couldn't hear sirens in that noise. Oh well. I'm glad I didn't know it at the time :) We are fine too thankfully.
    Talk to you soon :)

  5. What a great name! It sounds like you're moving right along. See you on the road, somewhere.

  6. We all love lucy! Good name glad you guys have dodged the storms.

  7. My brother and his family lives in Durham near Jordan Lake. I've been concerned about them and the tornados. I hope all is going well there today. I recall NC springs as a little damp but sunny and warm with dogwoods blooming all over the place. Stay safe. Take care.

  8. We too have luckily been dodging the tornados here in Tennnessee. With the bad weather in all the states around us, there was no where to go. Glad you two are safe.

    Hope that terrible weather is behind us all. LOVE the name!!


  9. Dodged all storms, thank goodness. We signed up for Camp Frieghtliner the end of July before heading to Raleigh for August. I love Lucy for her name. Ours is Bella. Why are they always girls? Thanks for reading our blog, too! MooreRVfun..


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