Friday, April 15, 2011

More Rally Notes…

Day 2 of the rally dawned bright and sunny but cool. As the day progressed, it warmed nicely and Rick was even able to sit outside and read for awhile in the afternoon. Darn! I missed my opportunity to get another picture of him in his chair reading his Kindle! :)

Rick attended a couple seminars in the morning. I joined him for the 2nd one after I woke up completely and got enough coffee in me :) As full timers now, we are finding some of the information no longer applies to us because we’ve already gotten past that point (such as buying an RV or picking a home base) but is still interesting. Attending the seminars does have added benefits though. I got to finally meet Sherry Boyd who writes In the Direction of our Dreams and also Karen who writes Wish upon an RV Star. Sherry and I have been following each others blogs for quite some time so it was wonderful finally meeting her. Karen and her husband, Al are really new full timers. They started their journey the end of March.

Wednesday night was the Chili cook-off. Here are just a few of the many pots


Volunteers brought 25+ pots of chili and 10 were randomly picked for judging. There were first, second and third places announced and then everyone dug in and enjoyed the chili along with all the fixings and some absolutely scrumptious desserts. I wish I had remembered to take a picture of the dessert table. It was amazing :)   Here is a shot of Howard taking a picture of the winners :)  I couldn’t get close enough, fast enough to get a better one. The most embarrassing part though, is that I don’t remember who won…except for Laura Raber who took 2nd and is the last person on the right :) My apologies to the other winners and if you’re reading this, please correct me!


After dinner, several door prizes were given out and they had a RV show and tell. Anyone that wanted to participate could go up on stage and share their favorite RV gadgets. Some were funny, some creative and some just plain useful :) When they coined the phrase “necessity is the mother of invention” they had to have had an RVer in mind :)  (Whoever they are)

Day 3: We opted out of most seminars on Thursday but did go to the “Working on the Road” one just before lunch. While we don’t anticipate “working”, we do plan to do some volunteering so thought we might pick up a tip or two. After lunch, we went for a walk and ran into several others that were out playing hookey :) It was a beautiful afternoon to be out and I even joined Rick on the patio with my Kindle for awhile. Thursday nights dinner was a potluck and it was delicious! There was so much food, we could have probably had another potluck the following day :)

IMGP2274 IMGP2273

The entertainment for the  evening was RV Family feud.  That was a riot.


They divided everyone into 12 teams and the teams competed against each other exactly like in Family Feud. The only difference was all these questions were about RVing. Some of the answers were very funny and some were very ‘interesting’ :) It was a lot of fun and we sure got in plenty of laughs. We got home @ 10:00 which was later than previous nights. After a little TV and blog reading, we slept very well.

Friday was a free day with people planning all kinds of activities. Some were going hiking, some motorcycle riding, some bicycling. Others were doing the zip line or golfing. We hung around the campground…and I went to a Flowbee demonstration down at Gin & Syl’s site. I used to see infomercials for the Flowbee but had never actually seen one in real life. It was amazing…seriously. Gin & Syl have been using it on their hair for 20 years! Gin did this demonstration on Sherry Boyd using Sherry’s Flowbee. She took a couple inches off Sherry’s hair and it was a perfect cut! Here’s Gin doing her thing…

IMGP2282 IMGP2280 IMGP2281Here is Sherry before… 


IMGP2283 And here is Sherry after…





Tonight, about 100 of us are going to America’s Hit Parade at the Grand Majestic Theater. The theater is usually closed on Friday night but they told us if we could promise 100 people they’d do a show just for us. Click the link and check it out. It looks like it might be fun :)  I’ll let you know next time. Until then, thanks for stopping by.


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