Saturday, March 26, 2011

Last Day at Corinth Recreation Center

Friday was our last day here. I was hogtied and forced persuaded to take a hike off the beaten asphalt path Smile I was sure I’d run into a slithery critter that would send me running and screaming into the abyss. Instead, I found stone formations,
IMGP2163 (Medium)IMGP2165 (Medium)
IMGP2166 (Medium)IMGP2170 (Medium)IMGP2172 (Medium)IMGP2173 (Medium)
and plant life
IMGP2174 (Medium)
Does anyone know what this plant is? It was all over the woods and gorgeous!
The camp hosts here did a good job of forcing convincing me to take the hike Smile
I was glad I did.
We enjoyed our time here so much that we committed to come back in the Fall and volunteer for 6 weeks.
Saturday morning, we head to Nashville for a couple of weeks to get our grandkid fix Smile There’s 4 of them there and I’m sure they’ll take care of us just fine Smile
That’s all I’ve got for today.Winking smile


  1. I'm with you on the slithery critters. The plant looks like a trumpet honeysuckle, but I can't be sure. Hopefully someone who knows for sure will pop in.

  2. the plant is Aesculus pavia or red Buckeye - beautiful spring bloomer

  3. Volunteering there sounds like a walk in the park...and 6 weeks is long enough but not too long. Enjoy the grandkids.

  4. It looks like the forced march, I mean pleasant stroll was a big success.

  5. Sounds like a very nice place to volunteer. Enjoy your time in Nashville with the grandkids!

  6. Good for you getting out there to see all that beauty up close and personal. Those critters are more afraid of you than you are of them. Keep it up.


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