Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Free State of Winston?

Rick and I took some time this week to do a little sight seeing and exploring of the area surrounding Corinth Recreation Area. One of the first things that caught our eye was this sign.


Apparently, during the Civil War, Winston County, which was mostly poor farmers, wasn’t much into this Confederacy thing.  As things heated up, they held a meeting and resolved that the people of Winston County had no desire to take part in the war and intended to support neither side. A further resolution stated that if Alabama could secede from the union, then Winston County could secede from Alabama! That was the birth of the legend of the “Republic of Winston”. Talk to anyone around here and they’ll be happy to regale you with stories of how Winston County seceded from Alabama :) That may have been the high point of the war for the county. Some did fight for the confederacy, some for the union and they definitely fought each other, effectively tearing apart the county.

On another day we toured the Confederate Museum which is located on the site of the  Crooked Creek skirmish. Just down the road on the Crooked Creek was the Clarkson-Legg Bridge, the only remaining covered bridge in Cullman County. Old, definitely, but also long at 270 feet and one of the longest in the US.

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This area has a lot of history but it also has nature at its finest. Hills, ravines, waterfalls. There are hiking trails throughout Bankhead National Forest and if I wasn’t such a wimp, I’d be out there. I AM out there walking on the roads, but the trails in the Spring tend to bring out the only critter I’m irrationally afraid of…snakes. Just the thought of running into one of them keeps me on the roads where it is less likely, but not impossible, to see one. I’d much rather see this.

IMGP2103 (Medium)

You have to look closely, but there were 2 does and 2 fawns. Their coloring blended into the background so well it was difficult to get a good shot. They must be used to humans because they didn’t flinch, just looked right back at us.

Wednesday afternoon we took a drive to the little town of Haleyville just for something to do. I had a letter to mail and we needed a couple things from the store. We were surprised to find a Walmart there. It was a small one but they had what we needed. I tend to buy too much in the larger ones anyhow :) We stopped for gas and as we were leaving town, we passed the Police Station with this very large sign on the building.


Naturally, I had to Google that one :) Sure enough. On February 16, 1968 the first 9-1-1 emergency telephone system in the nation went into service in Haleyville. The history of 9-1-1 and how Haleyville became the first is pretty fascinating and can be found here. Let’s just say that men can be very competitive and leave it at that :)

That’s all I’ve got today. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Thanks for all the great information. Way to go Winston!


  2. Gail and Rick, You make me want to be on vacation. I love the exploring that happens in a new place. Have fun!!!

  3. Isn't it great what you find along the way! Have fun, learn a lot. lol


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