Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What is the Plan?

"What are your plans?" This is a question we've been asked by everyone we meet. "Where are you going?" "What places are on your list?"

With the exception of our appointment at Red Bay for the coach mods, we really didn't have a plan. Still don't.

We left Okatibbee yesterday, not because we had a place to be, but because it looked like the only rain-free day this week. No sense traveling in the rain if you don't have to! About 3 hours later, we pulled into another of Mississippi's beautiful state parks, Flint Creek Water Park in Wiggins.  I could get used to this :)

Our site at Flint Creek:

IMGP1847 IMGP1844 IMGP1845

Wiggins is a little town about 35 miles north of  Gulfport. It's close enough to easily drive to the coast for the day. Flint Creek is right on the water, quiet and beautiful. We'll stay here a few days until we're ready to head to the next place.

Once we set up, we took advantage of the sun and 73° temps and went for a walk through the campground snapping pictures along the way.

IMGP1853 IMGP1848 IMGP1850 IMGP1851 IMGP1852

We met some of neighbors. One couple lives right on the gulf coast but come up here frequently to get away. They were heading home to wait out the nasty weather coming in before taking off again to tour as many state parks as they could in Mississippi. Another couple, Bob and Mary, told us they've been coming here for 10 years every winter. They are from the small Wisconsin town of Medford, not far from where I grew up! Small world. Ten years ago, they headed to Florida for the winter, got lost, ended up here and fell in love. They've been coming back ever since :)

The conversations with both couples included "Where are you going from here?" We have a pretty good idea of our next stop, maybe, but after that, who knows?

How about you? Do you have a plan? Or do you just wing it? Is it necessary to have a  plan?


  1. We normally have only annual plan of family visits and in between we work out a general plan of what states we want to see and major bucket list places. As often as not, we only actually get to some of those. We end up doing things, in places we did not plan on because of weather or just a whim.

    We really like having no hard and fast plans.

  2. We have learned that we need a plan. Not necessarily one that is set in concrete, but we prefer to have some idea of a general direction. We usually plot a course and have multiple options of places to stay. We don't always make reservations, especially if we plan to arrive early afternoon and only stay a day or two. And not having reservations means that if you find a place you like, you can generally stay longer (as long as they have availability). If we are planning to stay in one place for a week or longer, we do tend to make reservations ahead of time though.

  3. A waterfront wooded campsite is hard to beat. I retire this summer then we'll hit the road. Won't go far until the house sells. We plan to stay in NC for Christmas then go to the Gulf Coast of Florida next winter. After that, who knows...

  4. Interesting you should ask... As you know, I am set to retire in 122 days-June 3. I was thinking about my retirement much like my 26 years of work. Planning every step-- As of late, I am starting to feel that is not the right way go go about it or that I should at least loosen up on the plan and make it more of a-general idea than a formal plan.

  5. You're retired...why a plan???

  6. I think when you first get on the road you have specific things you want to see and so you plan to do that. But the more you are out there the more it's just follow your nose. We want to get to the Grand Canyon where we've actually never been amazingly but how long it will take and how we'll get there, I haven't really a clue.
    I like staying put for 5 to 10 days and then moving less than 200 miles and doing it again. :-)


  7. I say wing it for awhile...you can always plan later if you feel like it :)


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