Sunday, February 20, 2011

We Found Flip Flop Weather!

Happiness is wearing your flip flops again!


Yes, I KNOW I need a pedicure! No one likes winter feet :)

We arrived at Isaac Creek COE Park in Alabama on Thursday afternoon. This is a beautiful park off the beaten path on the banks of Lake Claiborne & the Alabama river. The sites are nicely wooded with a generous buffer between sites. The pads are all concrete with a separate patio area with grill, picnic table, lantern post and fire ring. There is no TV signal here and a very weak cell signal. Our internet works but s-l-o-w-l-y. This is very much a place to enjoy nature and catch up on our reading.

IMGP1863 IMGP1862

IMGP1861 IMGP1866

We made ourselves comfortable, Rick pulled out his new grill,


and I haven’t had to cook since we got here! :)

Our weather has been fantastic! Sunny and ~78° every day. The one thing that has been a bummer in this search for warmer weather is the bugs and mosquitoes! They just love me. I had a chance to try out my newest toy while sitting out enjoying happy hour with our neighbors, Ervin and Judy, last night. I had read about this in a newsletter I get from Dale’s North Mound in Willard, WI and thought it would be worth a try. It’s called a ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent appliance.


It’s a cordless device that runs on a butane cartridge and has a insect repellent “mat” inserted into the screen on the front. The butane heats the mat, the mat produces something that bugs and mosquitoes don’t like and they LEAVE! It says to allow 20-30 minutes for results after lighting but I noticed a difference almost immediately. This thing is my new best friend :) I will stay busy buying refills, no doubt, but it will be so nice not being eaten alive :)

The park and the surrounding area are all nice, flat and paved, so Rick has been able to do some Trikke riding and get some exercise in.

Rick_ Trikke

Once he finishes a few miles on the Trikke, he comes back and gets me and we go for a nice long walk. Today, we walked down to the Claiborne Lock and Dam on Claiborne Lake. This lake encompasses over 60 miles of the Alabama River. The locks were completed in 1971 for barges traveling the river. It doesn’t appear that many barges come through here. We haven’t seen any since arriving. There are many opportunities for water recreation here though, so it appears to be a very popular place for campers and boaters alike.


After a nice dinner of brats on the grill, we settled in to watch “RV” for the umpteenth time :) Every time I see that movie, I see something new. I also laugh harder the more I learn :)

Having no TV signal isn’t so bad.


  1. Having NO TV can actually be a very good thing!!

    Nice park...enjoy the nice weather and some great outdoor time.

  2. That looks like our kind of place. Wish we could join ya!

  3. I think you've just sold one of ThermaCells. Mosquitos love me too and we both seem to love water and warm weather. Thanks for the tip on it and this great looking place to camp.


  4. We're loving the flip-flop weather here in Florida - and the mosquitoes are loving us! Think we need to find us one of those ThermaCell's!


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