Monday, February 21, 2011

An Unwelcomed Visitor

This is the little guy that made us crazy this morning. IMGP1872 Rocky Raccoon was trying to get into the engine compartment of the coach! We tried to detour him with the water hose but he wouldn’t leave the area…very territorial…and kept trying to sneak back underneath. When I went to take his picture, he decided to be shy and turned away from me! I was grateful he didn’t get inside (more visions of the movie “RV”), but we were concerned he’d do some serious nibbling damage on the engine wires if we stayed there. He definitely let us know he wasn’t leaving and we didn’t want to tick him off too much in case he was rabid, so we checked with the campground host and arranged to move on the other side of the campground. Not as many trees, but closer to the lake. IMGP1873 It’s still a nice spot but we’ll only use it until tomorrow. We are packing up and moving down to Gulf Shores in the morning. Looking forward to some beach walking :)

While getting set up in the new site, Rick cranked up the antenna and did a search for TV channels just for the heck of it. We were both surprised when the search showed results!IMGP1874 A whole 8 channels! Guess that’s the end of our quiet, peaceful evenings :)  They certainly aren’t a bad thing once in awhile and I would certainly never stay away from a beautiful spot because of no TV. Now, no internet, that might be a problem for me :)



  1. Glad you got away from the raccoon! Be safe tomorrow :)

  2. Another beautiful spot. I get a lot of backsides in my pictures too :)

  3. Just found your site via RV Dreams Spring Rally -- We, too were in AL in January - we stayed at Escapees Park in Summerdale $85 per week-- but took a few day trips to Gulf Shores (15 miles) -- it was great fun and we plan to visit again next winter--Like you we opted not to pay the $2 for sightseeing off the pier - once you've seen water off a pier no need to pay to see it again-- See you in Sevierville--
    RV'ing Manuels
    Don and Jenny


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