Saturday, February 12, 2011

Double Yolks

While shopping at Walmart the other day, I noticed that a dozen jumbo eggs were 10¢ cheaper than large. Ok, no brainer for me :) Something I hadn’t seen in many, many years was a double yolker. It made me want to use up the dozen quickly to see if I could find another :)


And a few days later, I did!


It brought back more childhood memories.

Can you tell it doesn’t take much to entertain me? :)


  1. Wow, I admit that I do not crack many eggs, maybe that is why I have never seen one.

  2. I love double yokers. It is always a suprise when I crack one open, it's like winning the lotto or something.

  3. I remember getting one as a kid....two in one carton...something good must be about to happen to you :)

  4. I rarely eat eggs but I had a double last month too. Bought them from WalMart.

  5. Just found your blog today.We are newbies in the FT RV life too. I think double yolks are lucky! Also I love your anniversary dinner, sounds like a great dinner to me. :)


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