Monday, January 10, 2011

Our Stay in South Carolina Has Been Extended

This was supposed to be just a stopping off place for a couple of days, but it appears we’ll be here a bit longer than that. This is what I saw out the window of our coach this morning.

IMGP1774 IMGP1773

I don’t know what’s up with all the snow in the South this year, but it’s the most snowfalls I’ve ever seen and I’ve lived in the South for 30 years. This is supposed to turn to freezing rain around lunch time and continue for several hours. I think it’s a good day to curl up with a book :)

Yesterday, while the air was just “crisp” and blustery, we took a short ride into nearby Camden to see what we could find. Camden is the oldest inland town in South Carolina and the site of two Revolutionary War battles, the Battle of Camden in 1780 and the Battle of Hobkirk’s Hill in 1781.

IMGP1770 IMGP1769

Unfortunately, the historical site is not open every day during the winter. The grounds were still accessible, but none of the buildings were open. We wandered around looking at the various markers but the wind was whipping so hard it made it difficult so we didn’t stay long.

IMGP1772 IMGP1771 (Small)

After a quick stop at Walmart, we headed home to wait on the Packer/Eagles game. Go Pack! :)

It’s doubtful we’ll get in any more exploring while we’re here, but as long as we have heat and food, we’ll stay cozy.


  1. Hey guys we were parked in that same lot in late April 2010 on our way to TN from Myrtle Beach but there wasnt any snow and it was about 90 deg. Have a great trip dont let the snow get to you we have lots up here in New Brunswick.
    Rick and Elaine

  2. I can't believe how much snow is in the Southeast either. Cary hasn't had a thing yet at this writing. (7:00pm). Take care you have wheels, now you need good roads to help them MOVE.

  3. so much for global warming... we haven't heard much about this year have we?

  4. Well the weather could behave a little better for your early full timing days it seems to me.

    As for global warming, this is all part of it as I read it but it's more like Global Weather Chaos so I think they should rename it. Things melt in the north, freeze in the south, more and bigger floods, more and bigger hurricanes in the US and everywhere else.

    Hope you don't run into any more of it that's for sure. Wonder how far south you'll have to get to run away? :-) Keep us posted.

  5. If I saw those conditions out my window, I doubt I would even consider moving. Stay warm.


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