Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ocmulgee National Monument and a Senior Drink

IMGP1775The past week in SC was cold, snowy, wet and icy but by Thursday, things had cleared enough for us to pull out. Although the campground was still plenty icy, the roads were clear and we left Lugoff, SC around 10:30 AM.

We had an uneventful drive to Macon, GA. The first half of the trip was on I-20 and it was nice smooth sailing. As we entered Georgia, big electronic signs warned us: “Severe icing on all Atlanta streets. Avoid travel to Atlanta”. Good thing we weren’t going to Atlanta Smile Our destination was about 80 miles south of there. We took US 44 South to 22 and wound our way into Macon. Our destination was the Al Sihah Shrine RV Park.  The link will take you to the PA page as the Al Sihah page has dropped the RV park information but it is still there and operational. Dropping the info on their site could be the reason we are only 1 of 2 total RV’s in the entire place! This place is HUGE! There are 145 sites but they are laid out along the perimeter of the park with grass in the middle. It’s really nothing more than open fields but they have water and 50 amp hookups and are a Passport America park so the price was right for a few day stopover. We prefer a more picturesque park with trees but for some, the openness of this park might be preferable for satellite TV etc. We arrived here about 3:00 PM.

After setting up, we decided to treat ourselves to KFC for dinner. We don’t buy fried chicken often, so it’s a real treat. We placed our order and were told our side selection wasn’t ready and it would be about 5 minutes. That’s fine. We were in no hurry. With that, the nice gentleman ringing us up asked if we would like a senior drink while we waited. IMGP1776Neither of us knew what he meant by that so he pulled out 2 cups and said “we like to take care of our seniors. The drinks are on us” Smile I think Rick was taken aback a bit, someone actually calling him a senior, but he took the drink anyhow. Smile He was always at work when I’d be sure to go to the grocery store on Senior Discount Day for my extra 5%! I told him he’d get used to it Smile

Friday dawned sunny but cold at 16°. Brrr! By late morning, though, it had warmed to about 40° so we decided to go see the Ocmulgee National Monument. Fascinating place. They preserve and display archeological artifacts dating back 12,000 years. It’s a part of the National Park System. IMGP1788A thousand years ago, the Ocmulgee mound complex was one of the largest Mississippian ceremonial centers in the SE. Like most cities, this one expanded and contracted through the years. Despite centuries of use, the one square mile complex still reflects the characteristic layout of an organized Mississippian ceremonial and political center.


IMGP17771000+ year old pottery found mostly in one piece.


The Earth Lodge

This structure burned and collapsed about 1000 years ago and was reconstructed in the 1930’s. It is 42 feet in diameter and the largest of 8 earth lodges discovered on the Macon Plateau. It was probably used for ceremonies and meetings.

It was a nice way to spend part of the afternoon and the grounds were large so it gave me a chance to get in a good walk, something that was impossible on the skating rink in SC!

We will be here until Monday so I’m sure we can find something else to get into. Until then, thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Gail and Rick...Kathy and I are riding along in the Jeep behind. You're doing a great job in telling us your story along the way. I had my first trikke group meetup today with the new Knight Riders. Nobody showed up....ha! I trikked by myself for an hour and worked up a good sweat in the balmy 40's up here. ha!

    We sure miss you all......can't wait till Spring..


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