Saturday, January 8, 2011

…And We Are Off!

It seems rather surreal that this day has actually arrived. After planning for 4½ years, we are finally “on the road”. It even sounds funny to say that, but I think I’ll get used to it Smile

We started prepping by flying to Sioux Falls SD Tuesday afternoon. We arrived there around 9:00 PM, checked into our hotel and tried to get some sleep. Wednesday morning, we got up, showered, packed and drove to the Minnehaha County Administration building in downtown Sioux Falls. This was truly one stop shopping. We went to the second floor and got our SD drivers licenses, down to the first floor to register to vote and then across the hall to transfer the title on the Jeep. In less than an hour, we walked out  with drivers license in hand as well as license plates. Easy peasy. We had previously registered the coach by mail through our mail forwarding service but this was actually easier than filling out all those forms!

From there we went to Perkins to have a late breakfast/brunch. Perkins always seems to have good, hot, fresh food and this was no exception. From there, we returned our rental car and waited at the airport for our return flight. We were quite early and thought about trying to get on an earlier flight but they wanted to charge us too much to do that. We’re retired now, so we didn’t need to be in a hurry, right? We left at the appointed time and didn’t miss out on anything by not taking the earlier flight Smile 

Thursday and Friday were prep days getting the coach ready to roll. After sitting in one place for a couple months or so, we had a lot to do. Rick took care of the outside work and I did the inside. When we purchased and  drove the coach home from Arkansas in September, we didn’t have any “stuff” with us. We had flown there and only had a suitcase and the few groceries I bought there. Not much to secure and the trip was uneventful as far as anything flying through the air Smile 

Surprisingly, we both slept quite well last night. We got up this morning, had our coffee, some breakfast, showered and did our last minute prep. Rick had to air up one of the back tires that had lost air while sitting. Then we said good bye to the neighbors and took off. It was 11:30. I’m still not sure how it took us that long, but we just took our time and tried to make sure we didn’t forget anything. Success! The only thing that went flying was the salt and pepper shakers that I had mistakenly left on the table. Other than a little salt, no problems.

We drove as far as Lugoff SC which was about 160 miles total trip. We are at the Camden RV Park, a very plain Jane park but our site is level and flat, a pull-through with full hookups. It is certainly fine for a couple day stay while we see what’s interesting in the area. Unfortunately, the weather forecast is predicting snow and freezing rain starting tomorrow evening so we may be here even longer. We are headed toward Macon GA but their forecast is similar so it wouldn’t matter which area we were in. Looks like we’ll be putting up with some nasty weather one way or another. Oh well, we have plenty of time, we’re retired. Smile



  1. Congratulations on your "blast off." It has to be exciting for you. Much happiness to you and be safe in your travels. We'll look forward to following your journeys.

  2. Congrats on hitting the road. It feels liberating, doesn't it? Sounds like all the logistics went smoothly so hopefully that's a sign of what's to come. Be careful with the freezing weather, but it sounds like you have a good plan of staying put if it's bad. Safe travels!

  3. Congratulations; you're officially on the road. Travel safe.

  4. WHOO-HOO!!! Congrats on getting on the road. Are you heading into Florida?

  5. Donna,
    I don't think we'll make Florida this year. We are on our way to Red Bay to have a couple things changed on our coach. After that, it looks like we may head down to Louisiana for a bit.
    If things change, I'll let you know. Wish we could join the luncheon but maybe next time :)

  6. Congratulations!!!! All that planning has finally paid off.

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!!

    Travel safe,


  7. Congrats on hitting the road... hoping to be shortly behind you...

  8. Wow!! Congratulations! I'm excited for you! La. sounds like a nice place to check out.

  9. Sherry ( )January 9, 2011 at 1:16:00 PM CST

    WOW - S.D. and blastoff all of a piece. You guys are something. Nervy to start out in January I say! Especially with the East Coast weather being what it has been and snow in the sunny south.

    From here in Virginia (for just a bit, I hope), Congratulations!!

  10. Congrats!! It is an exciting time. The weather is poor most places at the moment. Here in the FL panhandle we are expecting three days of hard freeze. It will get better and as you say, you are retired and in no hurry :)

  11. Congratulations!!!

    We wish you the best and can't wait to join you in the Fulltiming ranks!!

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails...

  12. Congratulations on officially "getting on the road", that's so exciting!

    We are also residents of Sioux Falls - welcome neighbors!! Safe travels and hopefully one day our paths will cross somewhere down the road.


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