Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Staying Warm

Nothing like a brisk walk in the morning to get your juices flowing. And, your nose running, your eyes tearing and toes freezing. At least if you’re living in North Carolina this week :) 

Since my accident and rehab, I’ve tried to walk as often as possible to keep my leg and knee moving, battling the stiffness. For those of you that are new readers, I took a fall last April and broke my left leg in 4 places and my left shoulder. Not one of my best moments :) Long story short, I’m doing great but still need to work on the rehab part with the leg.

One of our neighbors, Carla, here at Jordan Dam RV Park, has been nice enough to walk with me every day. She’s even been nice enough to slow down and wait for me! We normally walk to the Jordan Lake Boat Ramp and back, a distance of 3.4 miles round trip. It’s a really good workout for me and something I need to do. The last couple of days, with temps in the teens and 20’s, has been more of a challenge. The first half mile freezes my toes but after that, everything warms up the further we go. Pretty soon the gloves come off and then the jacket unzips. It’s a good thing we don’t walk any further.Two old ladies walking down the road taking off articles of clothing would not be a pretty site! :)

Thankfully, we’re staying warm in our little house on wheels. The heat pumps manage everything well during the day and at night, once the temps get low enough, the propane furnace kicks in. All systems are working well. It was 16° when we got up this morning :(  Our tanks are heated so our only concern has been freezing water lines but they are still flowing. IMGP1696 Rick insulated the water hose with pipe foam insulation and covered the entire faucet hookup pedestal with a blanket insulation cover. We stay hooked up but open the cabinet doors under the sinks before we go to bed so heat from the coach warms the water line area better. So far, so good. *Fingers crossed*


  1. That is pretty cold, but the walk sounds like good exercise and fun when you have a fellow walker to pass the time.

    I guess I am just to lazy about the hoses. When a freeze threatens, I take off the water hose. I have insulation system for the water compartment and have rigged the compartment light to stay on even with the compartment door is closed, which gives some extra heat in freezing weather.

  2. What a great fitness routine you have going with the walking. Sounds exactly like what I need to get back into. For years I walked long walks every day. Slowed down the second half of the year with my senior dog. Now must get myself back to three miles at a time. Thanks for the inspiration. Stay warm and cozy!

  3. Gail,

    Now, that is funny about two "older" ladies walking and disrobing as they go. Maybe I need to come to that park.

    Nah, its a tad warmer here in Oklahoma, so I think I'll stay.

    I'm curious as to Rick's insulation on the hose. That in the picture doesn't look very thick. Is the insulation on in that picture?

    Testing blogs after posting at RV Dreams and I see that yours already has a place to click for "Anonymous". So, yours is already set up to where I can comment.

    Stay warm and keep exercising.


  4. Terry,
    The insulation is on in this picture but, you're right, it doesn't look like it. Probably camera operator error :)
    This stuff is the same stuff you buy at Lowe's or Home Depot. It's foam and looks like a kids swim noodle but is pre-sliced with the center hollowed out for the hose. It does come in different hose sizes. The second hose on the ground attached to the sewer is 1.25" in diameter (inside) which is for our "Sewer Solution" hose. I can't speak for the effectiveness of this long term but, right now, it's working well. The hoses are short as we're parked close to the pedestal and once they go inside, it's all heated so we hope we're going to be ok.

  5. Thanks so much for the winter on the road information. Sorry to hear you aren't further south although it seems that perhaps that hasn't made a lot of difference since the temperatures are colder than normal everywhere south of the Mason Dixon Line. We are freezing too here in Virginia. Seems like we had this problem last year too. Hope it isn't a new trend. Definitely harder to get motivated to get out in these temperatures. Good for you!

  6. Two old ladies walking down the road taking off articles of clothing would not be a pretty site! :)

    Haha Mom! You're so funny!
    I'm really enjoying your blog :)


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